Help! Diet coke accident!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    My office mate just had a diet coke explosion all over her new Marc Jacobs Daria bag.

    Soda got all over the outside (finished leather) and the inside (unfinished pink suede).

    What can she do?

    What do you experts recommend?

  2. Take a damp cloth and get all the sticky stuff off ASAP...HURRY
  3. Damp cloth as well for now and take it to get professionaly cleaned ASAP
  4. Thanks! any other suggestions for spots/stains on the interior?
  5. Same thing..damp cloth-before it dries
  6. I concur on the damp cloth for the interior and the exterior, and then find a good leather cleaner to take care of the suede interior. Oh, I've got my fingers crossed for your friend, what a scare!
  7. after you get the sticky stuff out, you might wanna condition the outside. That's what i did w/ my dior gaucho after i spilled 7up all over it and it's still a beauty :P
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