HELP!! Did this ever happen to you?!

  1. Okay, so in the previous thread that I made, I said that I used the Tide pen on my friends dirty AS denaro. I used it on the ENTIRE outside of the denaro and let it sit/dry for over 24hrs.

    I JUST Scotchgarded the denaro with its first coat and the seams that run along the front and back of the denaro (that's on top of the print) is YELLOW and is bleeding onto the print a little. :wtf:

    Its REALLY noticeable and its ONLY along the seams!! I know for sure its a chemical reaction between the Tide pen and Scotchgard.. I put some of the Tide solution onto a tissue and sprayed Scotchgard on it.. and it turned a little yellow.

    Has this ever happen to anyone?!??! I know there are a few TPFers that just bought a Tide pen and I dont want you guys to think that it sucks (cuz it really works) but I really want to know what caused it!! I'm so mad, scared, and sad that this happened!! And I dont know if its because...

    1) I used Tide pen FIRST, then Scotchgarded it.
    2) The seams/stitching with the Tide pen solution wasnt dried yet (but I let it sit for 24 hrs!!)
    3) It has defective stitchings?!?!!!

    I dont know what to do.. Has anyone Scotchgarded a brand new bag and THEN used the Tide pen on the STITCHINGS?!?!

    I really want to know if its my Tide pen, the Scotchgard, or the denaro that's causing all this!! I'm really stressed right now.. I called my friend and told her what happened.. she says its okay but she sounded disappointed. I told her I'd get her another wallet but she said no. I REALLY FEEL BAD :crybaby:

    Does anyone know where I can find another AS denaro?? I appreciate all comments and help!! Thanks for reading this..
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  2. :sad: i'm sorry to hear that!

    i used the magic eraser and scotchguard and nothing bad happened, i'd assume it's a reaction try maybe a damp cloth?
  3. I haven't tried this combo. But I'm sooooo sorry! :sad:
  4. aw sorry to hear that dana! I havent' scotchguarded any of my bags at all. i only used the tide pen so far. maybe someone else will chime in...
  5. :cry: I tried the damp cloth.. doesnt work.

    On the Scotchgard can it says...

    "Use of this product on tennis shoes with white rubber soles may cause the rubber to yellow. Should this happen, treat the yellowed area as soon as possible with Shout gel or rubbing alcohol."

    Even though it says the RUBBER of tennis shoes might yellow... I tried rubbing alcohol and it didnt work :cry: Are any AS denaros sold at the outlets anymore?? Or even denaros of other prints?? I just feel so bad!!
  6. o.o i believe my amore ciao was scotchguarded...then i used tide pen on it...maybe mine turned yellow too..but i probably didn't notice d/t the color scheme of the bag..i sholud double check!

    hmmm ok so i checked and my bag doesn't appear yellow..but its pretty FILTHY! guess the scotch guard didn't do much for my bag..but then again it rained like crazy at disneyland when i had used it. :huh:
  7. there should be some at SH for $51 o.o;

    sorry to hear about the denaro :sad: i wonder y it only happened along the edges though =/
  8. i didn't do any combo like this.. when i used my tide pen.. i think i just left it alone after that. 'cause i had scotchguarded it before.

    i think shout wipes might work.. i hope so!
  9. Check the seams/stitchings! The fabric part is fine (except for a little bleeding) but its the seams that are yellow!!

    I used the Tide pen to get little dirt spots off my AS dolce before.. THEN I Scotchgarded it. Its fine because I didnt use the Tide pen on the seams... it doesnt affect the fabric. Did anyone use their Tide pen on the seams before?!?!
  10. I scotchguarded my paradiso and constantly clean it with the tide pen (around the stitching too) but no discoloration occured yet. good luck with that! Maybe a simple scrubbing with soap and water will take care of the yellow?
  11. hmmm I wonder if its because I used the Tide pen THEN Scotchgard..?? :sad:
  12. dana try buy oxyclean!!
  13. Maybe there's some glue around the stitching on the denaro :confused1: Nevermind, I just looked at my denaro, no glue. I wonder why the stitching would cause a chemical reaction w/the tide pen & scotchguard. :confused1::confused1:
  14. shellie - I tried oxyclean, damp towel, Tide pen again (but nothing happened), warm water and soap, a little bleach, magic eraser.. and still, nothing! :sad:

    Jen - I'm *thinking* that the stitchings could have soaked the Tide pen solution.. and then the Scotchgard could've reacted to it. But then again.. why doesnt it happen with the fabric? :confused1: And wouldnt the Tide pen solution have dried over 24+ hours?! =/
  15. Dana, I feel so bad for you. :flowers: It doesn't make any sense at all. If there was some kind of glue or substance like that on the stitching it would make sense that it could turn yellow. I'm sure you're right it's got to be a reaction w/the Tide + Scotchguard. Yes, the Tide pen should've dried if it was over 24 hours. The stitches should just be thread, right? :confused1: