Help...did i purchase a fake?!

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  1. Hi all, I just received my Lilac '06. The seller is someone a lot of my friends are familiar with and are happy with their purchases from her...authenticity etc etc.

    I went on the Aterlier.naff website just to make sure and my Lilac '06 Lampo zippers are different! :cry:

    I've uploaded the pics to a yahoo photo album.

    Thanks...appreciate all the help :heart:
  2. Edit.. I'll let the experts chime in ;)
  3. hi, Khai, we'd love to help. sorry but, is there a way you can take more photos of the hardwares please-like the bales and notches....
  4. Will do asap. My camera batt died on me. Thanks for the help so far. The only noticeable difference (to aterlier.naff) i've been able to see is in the zippers...everything else looks fine. Piccies will be up soon.
  5. From the leather and the outside pocket the bag looks good to me but Like Boo said to be sure we would need to see detailed pics of the bales and notches(they ahe to have little edges on both sides)I just compared your zipper with mine (ink city 06) and they are identical. The only thing that's different is the date code. Mine is 115748 3444 but according to ateliernaff yours is correct, too. I don't think that you have to worry.
  6. Khai, I compared it to my lilac, and everything matches except the datecode, but my bag is a day bag, and I'm guessing it would be different. Tanja seems to have addressed that issue. The zipper, buckle, and other hardware are an exact match to mine, which I bought in a boutique. Breathe easy, I think you're ok! :biggrin: Who's the seller, BTW?
  7. Please use the sticky on top of the forum for all your authenticity questions. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.