HELP - did I make a huge mistake?

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  1. I recently purchase 2 expensive Chanel bags, both from one seller.

    I paid for each one separately, as they ended on different days and had free I was not considered about combined shipment.

    Seller sent both my bags the very same days I paid for them.

    The day after seller sent my 2nd purchased bag, I got an e-mail from Ebay stating that the Seller's listings had been removed due to authenticity reasons. I was freaked out, but after e-mailing the seller she assured me that it was a mistake, and that once I had the bags in my hands I would know they were real...and if I felt they were counterfeit that I could send back for a refund. She has a high FB score and she seemed really trustworthy, so I told myself that it WAS possible that Ebay had wrongfully removed her listings.

    I received first bag on the 18th. I knew it was fake right away (the serial number and authentication card was incorrect and it felt like fake leather - and reeked of plastic). I was pretty pissed off, so I e-mailed the seller. I didn't tell her I thought it was fake, because I didn't want her getting hostile. I told her I was going to return both bags together once I received the second one.

    She replied, asking what was wrong and that she can give me a partial if she missed a mark or scratch in the leather that wasn't stated in the listing. I told her that I am returning for full refund. I asked if the address on the return label was correct and she said that yes, it was correct.

    Second bag came yesterday morning (the 20th). This time, I refused the package. I then took the first bag to the Post Office and sent it to the seller's address.

    I e-mailed her around noon of the 20th to let her know that her bags were being sent out and to give me my refunds when received (like she said she would). It is now 3 AM and I have heard nothing from her. So of course I am freaking out..especially now that I researched it and see that I totally went about this the wrong way.

    Should I wait for her reply?

    Since removed off Ebay, I can no longer see the listings. Do I file a PP claim? Can I still file a PP claim after shipping the item back and refusing the other? Or is it up to the seller now??

    So sorry for freaking out..but I paid almost 2k for one bag, and about 2.5k for the other :sad:
  2. OOH CaliforniaLove, I have no idea because I NEVER use ebay. Sorry I can't help but I'm sure someone will offer advice soon enough. Just relax, I'm pretty sure you will get your money back in the end.
  3. Hi, really sorry to hear this happened to you. I have never gone through this before but if I was in your situation I would contact ebay immediately and advise them of what has happened. Also if you have any of the following still I would recommend you keep them together safely:

    1) Notices that you won the bag on ebay.
    2) Any receipts from Paypal.
    3) The shipping receipt from the bag you posted in the post office.
    4) See if the post office will give you a copy of the receipt for the bag you returned but did not accept - if you have a tracking number that is.

    Contact ebay though and see what they say. From what I have read here most recommend it better to ring them rather than email.
  4. Sorry this is happening to you. However I would contact Paypal, not ebay. You must open a dispute that the item you received is fake and ebay removed the listing and that you already shipped it back to the seller as the seller instructed you.

    Please tell me you shipped it back with signature confirmation? This way once she signs for it, PP will refund you the money.

    Now for the package you refused; open a separate claim with PP, stating you refused the package due to ebay instructing you to NOT follow thru with the transaction.

    Once you have opened both claims with PayPal, call them and speak with a supervisor and explain everything you discussed with the seller and everything you did in regards to returning the bag and refusing the second one.

    For future reference always first open a claim with Paypal before returning anything back to the seller. That way you are covered from day 1.
  5. I've had this happen, where they pulled the listings and NARU'd the seller.

    You have to file an Item Not Received case through Ebay. They tell you this in the email. Unfortunately you'll have to wait for your money back until the case closes. Did the seller get NARU'd as well? Can you contact them through Ebay messaging?

    What happens with the INR case, is that the seller can't respond to the case if they are NARU'd, so they automatically close the case in 7 days and refund. You may have got lucky with this one!

    So sorry that happened to you, that's a lot of money to have to wait for. Good luck!
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    Hi. First question is... did you get the bags authenticated before buying...?

    If the listing has been removed, the photos can't be seen, which is a problem. What is the serial number? There are some well known fake numbers around. But do be aware that Chanel has changed their serial number style several times in the last 25 years. People often see an unfamiliar serial seal and panic (I know I did when I first got one of my Chanels).

    If the bag is caviarskin leather, it feels really weird the first time you handle it. It is leather, but it does feel like plastic. Bags that have been shut up for days in plastic during transit also smell odd.

    Unless you have handled lots of Chanel bags, if the seller has a long history of selling Chanel bags well, then you should definitely have gotten it checked by an authenticator.Sometimes, eBay can get it wrong. But there are also people out there who are ready to take advantage.

    I have seen lots of bags on eBay where the buyer has said it was fake, when in fact, it was a totally genuine Chanel - when that happens it is a terrible thing to have happen for everyone. It was purely a case of unfamiliarity.

    Did you send the bags back with full tracking and confirmation of delivery?
  7. UGH, it WAS a mistake to refuse the package-With that kind of money I would have filed dispute via Ebay and return the bags with your own tracking number. Did you tell the seller why you're returning the bags? If they're are fake I would have told the seller they're fake.
  8. You do have the right to refuse a package. I know, I'm going through a INR case with PayPal (non eBay purchase). I asked the PayPal representative if I have the right to refuse anything sent to me (for fear of what I would receive) and he said yes.
    You will have to file separate claims. INR for the package you refused and SNAD for the one you mailed back. I hope you purchased signature confirmation for the purse you mailed back!
  9. The problem with "return to sender" is that they might not actually track it back to the seller and they use the slowest shipping method. From what I've read around here they're not consistent and you might not be able to prove that the seller actually received it back. I hope everything turns out okay though. At this point, I'd talk to Ebay and to see if they can open a claim for you.

    I recently purchased a fake bag and the seller insisted that it was not and asked me return it. I still opened a claim (not escalated) and ebay provided me with return address, my tracking number was documented and such. I didn't have to deal with the seller when she hasn't picked up the package to sign for, I just called ebay and they took care of it. So even if the seller is cooperative, with high $$ purchases it might be better to open a claim.
  10. Get on the phone right now and talk to Ebay and/or PP. No matter how long you have to wait, talk to someone ASAP. Hope you documented sending back the first bag with signature conformation? And the 2nd was Return to Sender with probably no documentation - scary. Hope this turns you OK for you. If not, it will be a very expensive definitely should have have the bags authenticated here before buying. Just curious - how much did you pay for the Chanel bags and why did you think they were authentic?
  11. Definitely call ebay. It is ebay who would have removed the listings so I would definitely go there rather than Paypal. I wouldn't panic. It should be o.k. Because the listings were removed for reasons of inauthenticity I don't think there is any burden of proof on you to prove inauthenticity. But you should talk to someone at ebay. Because of the money involved, I would be inclined to ask to speak to a supervisor. Good luck.
  12. Ahhh, that makes sense. The company I'm dealing with ships Fed-ex vs USPS.
    I had to open a case on day 45- INR and the seller has 10 days to ship.

    I'm curious a case of INR, does it really matter if the items makes it back to the seller? If it's a large $$ amount and there is no record of signature from buyer wouldn't the buyer win?
  13. That's a good question- I want to say that usps would (or should) document that the item was refused on the tracking. And it has to make it back to the seller before ruling in favor to buyer. I'm not sure, but it is only fair that the seller gets the item back before refunding the buyer- there are many buyers with buyers remorse that refuse to pick up the item on purpose.

    In your case you opened an INR because you didn't get the item, right? Even if the seller sends you the item I don't think there will be any seller protection because sellers only have 7 days to ship to be eligible for protection? Correct me if I'm wrong, ladies.
  14. You need to contact PayPal right away. Also, did you pay with credit card? You might to alert your credit card company as well.

    Did the seller provide a tracking number with the 2nd bag you refused?
    Did you by tracking for the first bag you shipped back?
    You're going to need these tracking numbers to provide to both PayPal and your credit card company.
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    Yes, my case was opened on day 43 after my purchase. The company rep I spoke to about my order went into a total melt down and was completely rude to me. He couldn't find my order -or tell me when it would ship. I immediately called a PayPal rep for advice. The seller has 10 days (now 5) to ship and I'm scared of what they would send at this point! It's been 5 days and they haven't responded to the claim. Because it is non ebay item I have less coverage. It was for a $600 item. :nuts:

    I wanted to add....this is a reason sellers should ALWAYS insure packages! I see so many sellers state insurance is optional for the buyer. CRAZY!