Help!....Did I Get a Fake Bag?

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  1. When I received thi bag I noticed the very cheap clasp, and no feet, and the looks of a $25.00 bag bought at the straw market at Firenze. (Very italian and pretty but very cheap looks).
    Before I raise cane I would like to hear from you if you know something about this bag or from what collection is, or for any advise. The only thing I could find out in the internet is that it not what the wicker picnic bag as the auction states. Thanks a lot. the item number is 130114341812 or go to:
  2. Don't know anything about Fiore but did notice the auction says 100% authentic or your money back, have you contacted your seller?
  3. If this bag doesn't check out against the internet ones then file a claim. Maybe email the seller first as they state "100% authentic or money back" and see if you can deal with it together first. If not, definately, file a claim and return the bag.
  4. No not yet. I would like to find something about the authenticity first. I am not very familiar with this brand. I just bought one at saks 5th OFF, and another one at ebay, and both of them show the nice good quality, beauty in the design, and beauty in the materials and craftsmanship. Not this one. Pic is better tan bag.
    No Fancy metal parts or labels. just a fabric label glued in the inside.It cames with the dustcover. but you know this does not mean anything.
  5. well, see: I dont even know if this red flower collection existed. I have not been following Isabella,, And I kick my butt for not investigating first! These flowers look similar to the roses collection. but it is not. I have looked on ebay and other websites with no avail. Do you know if there is a website where I can find lists or pics of past collections? Can you tell me what kind of flower this is? I might look for the flower name too. Or should I just say the seller, "Hey, this is fake" just because I feel that it is? I would really like to substanciate it a little bit more, to her and to PayPal.
    Thanks, everything helps!