Help, did I buy a fake Botkier?

  1. Hi, I need a little help, I am afraid I might have bought a fake bronze Botkier Holster bag...This bag has purple Botkier lining, silver Botkier nameplate, but does not have the silver studs on the two pockets on the front. All archive Botkier photos show this bag with the silver studs...I can not find a picture without them. Has anyone ever seen this? Seller says it is from NM trunk show and never used. Do you mind taking a look? eBay:
    Authentic NEW Botkier bag - rare bronze leather! (180072321777)

    I appreciatye your time & opinion...
  2. Looks fake to me. Even the hardware that is on it looks like ****. I have the same style bag and there's no way in hell that clasp on top wouldn't be sagging from it's weight.
  3. Thanks, I did not pay yet...guess I will risk the negative feedback.:sad:
  4. The no studs on the pockets bothers me too. Here is a picture of my clasp to compare.
  5. im sorry but this is fake...
  6. Thanks for all the help, I should have known it was too good to be true.
  7. Aww, thanks - I just checked it, just my luck - no longer available.
  8. i think all botkier bags also comes with authenticity cards if that helps. my fan hobo came with one ...
  9. I checked the link again, still says not available. Called BG, bag is gone..........But, did just find a deal: Botkier Bombay Satchel in Oxblood at NM, $329. Got it!!! Hopefully the color will be a-ok.
  10. I actually own this bag without the studs in a pale metalic purple. I bought it at a sample sale a couple years ago. I dont know if this bag is fake or not, but I know that alot of times when I buy from the sample sales they have styles that were never actually mass produced.

    Do you know if it is still available to buy?
  11. I did not buy the bag. Perhaps you can contact the seller through eBay and ask - link is above.
  12. Hmm, the leather texture on the bag from the ebay auction actually looks fine to me -- I had examined this exact style of Botkier (the pebbled bronze leather Holster) in very very close detail at Bergdorf's last year (was this close to buying it, but had to pass at the time....). Have also owned other Botkiers with that type of pebbled leather (in various styles). If the seller bought the bag from a Botkier sample sale, it could be real -- I can't be 100% certain till I can see more photos of the hardware (does it have Botkier insignia on it?), interior linings, etc. From my experience with Botkier sample sales, they do have some bags that are one-of-a-kind earlier spin-offs of well-known styles that have been mass-produced. So I guess it is a possibility.

    There are definitely fake Botkiers on ebay though....but from my experience just not very many of this Holster style, and not this color -- at least I haven't come across any auctions of the Holster bag that screamed fake. Most of the fakes are the earlier edition triggers and are pretty easy to tell.

    But I'm glad you were able to back-out of this auction.....if you have any doubts about any authenticity, best to back-out than pay and then later be sorry.
  13. I actually emailed the seller to see if it was still available, because I really like the bag. I didnt want to buy it though if it was a fake, so I asked her to send me a bunch of pictures. She emailed me back and even sent me a ton more pictures and a copy of her sales order from neimans. BUT when I offered to buy it for $200, she told me that she would no longer consider selling it for less than $350 because she felt really shortchanged. What the heck does that mean?

    Still $350 is a good deal on a one of a kind bag, and even at the sample sales they are still around $350 - $400. Should I buy it?