Help Diamond stitch in black or white

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  1. I am getting this bag tomarrow. should I get black or white? I love white bags . Those who have it in white do you feel that you can use it all year long? Is the black a classic bag or maybe it doesnt pop like the white. suggestions needed. Thanks
  2. Black......I think white will show any marks
  3. I would say the black as well!!!
  4. The white is beautiful, but I say get the black- you'll probably get more use out of it.
  5. I prefer my white diamond stitch. I saw it today at Saks in New Orleans one in white and one in black.
  6. kitten I saw your pics, wow so pretty. I need to do a search for the black bag. I just love white bags. Kitten do you think you would use this in the winter as well? I would love it if they had a beige or blush that would be perfect.......
  7. The black is beautiful too. Anyway, I will definately use it in the winter too. :yes:
  8. I put a black on hold....and then decided against it. After seeing Kittens pics of white and black...the black just doesn't "pop" to me like the white does. The white just stands out. I already have to many white bags....although I may still get this one...ha ha.

    White is the new it color---and all the mags say white can be worn year round now. :yes:
  9. I just bought the white one. The nice thing about the white is the shade of's not a stark bright hospital's more subtle - like an eggshell white. I prefer this bag in white, JMO!!!! I know it's still a beauty in black too :yes: I think this shade of white will be very easy to wear year round, I don't like bags that have seasons!!!

    Here's mine :love: :


  10. OH MY!! ok white is going to be ordered . That bag is amazing!!! and price is good too. thanks lamb for your pics as well.
  11. Oh you're welcome!!!! :yahoo: Always happy to enable :yes:
  12. Great choice -- I ordered a white diamond stitch tote today as well.
  13. I just received my white DS tote yesterday. It is not a pure white has a very very faint cast to it. So yes I will carry it year 'round.
  14. penny, you told me about David. he was so sweet and nice to talk too.Thanks so much. oh post some pics of your bag:nuts:
  15. I love the white DS!!! It is stunning!!!! :kiss: