Help! DHL delivered my chanel bag to wrong address!!!

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  1. I ordered a diagonal CC bag from Nordstrom Seattle last week and according to the DHL tracking number it arrived friday AND was signed for, but when I got home there was no bag! No one was even home at that time DHL supposedly delivered it. And under the delivered to address it shows a totally different city from mine. I checked the signature and it's just like a scribble! So someone out there has a very nice "xmas gift" courtesy of ME!

    And this is NOT the first time I have had issues w/ DHL. I ordered another bag from Nordstrom the other week and it was sent "signature required" but when the bag arrived not only did the delivery person NOT ring the doorbell or even knock on the door (I was home the whole time) but they just left the package on my doorstep!!!

    CAn you believe they just left a $2000 package "signature REQUIRED" on my doorstep!!!ARGH...

    What can I do? I have already contacted my SA at Nordstrom (she said she would look into it?) and DHL (they said they would look into it??) But ultimately WHO is responsible for this - Nordstrom or DHL? Am I suppose to deal w/ DHL or is Nordstrom?

    Has this ever happened to anyone on the forum? If so, how did u guys handle it and how was it resolved? How will DHL recover the package? Can they go back to the person/house they delivered it to and get it back?? Can they force that person to give it back?? Can they just keep the item?
  2. Call Nordstrom and they will deal with DHL themselves. DHL is responsible for it but I really doubt Nordstroms will let you go through the hassle of contacting DHL and such.

    Something similar happened to two other members on this forum... I'll see if I can find the threads for you because they're very helpful.
  3. I had a dustbag sent to me with fedex and the fedex guy delievered to somewhere else (a distribution center in my town). They just looked that it was from Nieman Marcus and automatically assumed it was for them since they get alot of packages from Nieman Marcus. They didn't even look at my name or address. So this package was signed for by them, finally I got this phone call from a guy at this distribution center that we have a package with a dustbag tha was meant for you. So, I went and picked it up, but what if it was the actual bag! That's horrible that the carriers are so careless with our pricey bags. I hope this gets resolved for you immeditately. I think DHL is ultimately responsible but since it's obvious you never received it, Nordstroms should send you a replacement and deal with DHL's negligence.
  4. I am so sorry this has happened, but I am sure Nordstroms will make it right. BUUUTTT -- I am dying to see this bag! Is it the light grey one in the little book that came out last week? I was hoping someone would get one. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to see a photo of it IRL!
  5. I hear ya. Here's what's happening to me with DHL also: The sender paid for overnight delivery last tuesday, it got lost and was found in ohio (after some calling and research) and we were told it would be delivered yesterday. It said it arrived at the local facility at 914am and went out on a courier shortly after, I sat around all day since they couldn't give me a time (just until 5 pm) then at 6pm I called and they said it's still going to be delivered but there's high volume so there's a delay. Then, at 7 pm, I check the status and they had DELETED the "on the courier out for delivery" update and it was back to the original "arrived at the local facility" at 914am. The rep then didn't know what happened so someoe from tracking was supposed to call me back within an hour but never did. THEN, someone leaves me a message this morning to say it's guaranteed to be delivered by 3 PM...however, it doesn't show it's on the van yet (and it's over two hrs after it was supposedly on the van yesterday). So, I call again and she said "it's at the facility." I told her the last rep said it would be delivered today and she "finds" that message and said it will be here by 3pm, so we'll see.

    I'm really upset about this. I know mishandlings happen so I was VERY patient with the week delay because of that, but when it FINALLY arrived in my local area yesterday morn and it went out on delivery, it should have been a PRIORITY since it was a week late as it is. Plus, it's a 1600 + retail bag and was marked as high value so another reason it should have made it a must-deliver package as well. The shady way they completely removed yesterday's status rather than just add to it didn't help either, as if they were trying to make the latest update disappear that encouraged me to wait 10 hrs for this. There went one much needed day for Xmas shopping. :cursing:
  6. I bought a pair of jeans and some tunics through Nordstrom online and they had it sent via DHL which I had them deliver to my office building. On the tracking info it was delivered at 620am. SO I called DHL to check to see whether to whom they delivered the package to. Turns out to be they drop it off at the local USPS and have them deliver it. Thing is at 620am, there is no way USPS would have made delivery and because this is a commercial building the security guards are here 24 hours a day but they do not sign for the packages due to liability. I called NOrdstrom and they said to wait around hoping for the package to arrive. So I called them the following day and they also contacted DHL, and sent me my very same order the following day, OVERNIGHT and signature required for free. I thought they handled it very well and my pair of jeans was the VERY last pair in the company. Of course my purchase was only $600 bucks and not $2000.

    So I am sure Nordstrom will be able to help you and because it's the holiday seasons, not only DHL have a lot of packages to deliver but the person who signed for it must have thought YOU were the santa. :shame:

    I hope you have a resolution soon. Nordstrom are known for their customer service. I trust them over NM and S5A anyDAY!
  7. I am so sorry this happened to you. I freakin HATE DHL, they NEVER ring my doorbell, I don't know why Nordstroms insists on having their items sent by them - probably because they're much cheaper than UPS or FedEX but still, they're horrible!! :cursing:
  8. Horrible..they all are.

    I purchased an LV agenda as a gift for my sis for xmas and a minute after i processed the order i realized the package was going to be sent to my billing address, so i immediately called eluxury and i spoke to a gentleman who said he would correct my shipping address. And so he did. At least thats what i thought. The package ending up being sent to my billing address. Well there is no package. Fedex is showing the item as delivered "left at door, no signature required"

    i called eluxury and they said the package is shown as being sent to the corrected shipping address. Then when they looked at the tracking they saw the billing address. They say they dont know why it didnt update, but that its been sent and delivered. eluxury is waiting to hear from fedex, i've been waiting since monday now.


    i dont see how they leave packages outside
    grrr pissed

    i called my credit card to dispute the charges until eluxury can resolve this
  9. Oh and after ALL Of that and the "resolution center/special dept" called them when the facitility first opened, and several reps later ASSURING ME it'll be delivered by 3p, I called to ask why it doesn't show it's on the van (OK, it's almost 2p here and it takes and hour to drive from the facility to my house with no stops). It DIDN'T even go out this morninig and won't be delivered by 3p, and it's only going out now because I called about it. SHe can't even tell me by what time now. I swear this has been the worst. I've had mistakes made with other services, but I've never dealt such a series of errors and dropping the ball.
  10. I'm sorry this happened and hope you get it resolved. DHL is the worst in the business. This time of year there are a lot of temporary drivers who unfortunately don't care where they leave your package. I don't understand why Nordstrom does not ditch DHL. THey must get tons of complaints.
  11. Cougess is right it is a horrible time of year. Sometimes they leave the package right at my garage door. I have almost run it over a couple of times when backing out of the garage!
  12. Here's the end of the story:

    So I called DHL that evening and told them everything that happend. They said they would send a message to the facility that delivered the package and an "inquiry? rep" would call back. I told them to call me on my cell phone.

    The next morning I get a message on my home answering machine from a rep stating they spoke to the driver who delivered my package and I should "check the side door", "he left it at the side door behind the trash cans". Well I was livid. 1st off, I DONT have a side door? 2nd, the package was "signature required" so why was it ok to leave it at the "side door" anyways?! So I called DHL and told the rep about the message, how it is against protocol for them to just leave a "sig required" package anywhere and she helped me call the facility again. They me to check the side of my house behind the trash cans. I told them there was nothing. They said they would send the driver back on Mon (this was Sat) I told the rep it was absolutely NOT good enough for the driver to come back on Mon, my package could be long gone by then and it was a $2000 item. I insisted on another remedy.

    After much back and forth, and my filling a formal complaint on the phone regarding this issue and requested a follow up by management, they said they would send the driver back that day. When the driver arrived he stormed into the house and straight to the back of the house. He had thrown my package behind a fence, behind the trash! And to top it off he had the nerve to yell at us about why didnt we check there, etc, etc.

    Well, in the end I'm happy I got the package, but I told my SA at Nordstrom that I never want any of my packages delivered by DHL again since this is the 2nd or 3rd time they have just left a package and "forged" a sig. I really dont think it has anything to do with the time of year b/c the other issue was back in Oct.

    So beware ladies w/ DHL. Especially w/ these expensive bags.
  13. I think you should find out who the CEO is and write an email to him/her asap. I guarantee you that they are not aware of this problem. Unless you go to TOP management (not somebody in customer service) nothing will change. I worked for a president of a major company and, believe me, when a customer called with a complaint to our office, we called in the correct people and got it fixed ASAP. They did not want another customer calling us with the same complaint. And, they didn't want that same customer calling us back saying their complaint had not been resolved. It is not good enough, and I repeat, not good enough to speak to a customer service supervisor. So glad you got your package.
  14. I HATE those shipping companies. The delivery people are so careless. My bf is really into audio equipment (just like we are with bags) and had ordered a $3000 DVD player from someone. The person shipped it through Fed-Ex, and required a signature. He always has his packages shipped to my place because he lives in an apartment building. We tracked the package last Thursday morning (we had been waiting for the package) and it said that it was delivered at 10:20am. I opened the door and the box was lying there, in the original box, with SONY ES...DVD/CD/SACD blah blah player written on the box. It was signed for by "B. Shoes" - my brown work shoes that I always leave outside my door. Can you believe that?! Luckily, I live on the third floor, and no one passes by my front door except for my elderly neighbors across from me, but do you leave audio equipment lying around like that, with the box labeled with what is inside?! BF was so pissed...