HELP..DH is almost Birkin or Kelly?

  1. some of you has been quite a struggle to get DH to commit to a BIG H purchase for our 10th anniversary. I think I have annoyed him sooooooo much that he is finally :sweatdrop: giving in. He was making a list of what are the big ticket items we are going to need this year...

    1. My car lease is up...gonna have to get a new one
    2. Garage storage system he will install himself

    He added (only verbally) that does not include your "personal storage system"...that his DH's humor for you.

    Now, I was sure it was a 30 cm black togo birkin with PH I wanted and once DH officially commits, I was on the look out!!

    Thanks to NinjaSue, Rose, and Minnie...I don't know what I want anymore :crybaby: . Clearly, their bags are spectacular. Look what happened to Rockerchic!!

    I know I want black with PH. In a birkin I want 30 in a kelly 32. I love the idea of buying an extra strap for the kelly and making it a meesenger style too but I have heard the kelly is not so easy to get in and out of. I have always loved the look of a birkin.

    HELP!!!! Any suggestions? Any opinions?

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. It sounds like you want a Birkin. I love the Kelly though!! Truly a great, great bag!!

    Good luck!! :smile:
  3. oh no, i'm backing away now. oh this is a terrible spot to be in. spend some time picturing yourself with either - really truly, picture what you're wearing, what you're doing, and see how that goes. birkin cannot be worn messenger or shoulder style - do you frequently need your hands free? if yes, all hope is not lost because you have the evelyn, so next question is do you have enough free time to yourself to use and enjoy the birkin when you won't need 2 hands free? also when do you think you might have an opportunity to get another H bag? if you've always loved the birkin, i would hate to disuade you, but if you could enjoy a kelly for a year or more and then get a birkin, that could be one solution. the kelly is something to adjust to, but there are moms on this board who have done just that.
    i'm not going to say anything about a bag that rhymes with greed. LOL
  4. Kelly, but I am a Kelly girl....
  5. If you like more dressy, feminine bag, then kelly, more casual ...birkin
  6. Birkin may be an easier bag for you as a mama of 3 boys. You can always get the Kelly later!
  7. totally think a Kelly first then, later, a Birkin....I love, love my Kelly:love:
  8. I am definately a more casual girl, who loves a beautiful bag. I wear jeans, tshirt and cowboy botts almost every day. Saturday nighs are dinner with DH and friends so I put on a pair of nice jeans or black pants, black high heel boots and a nice shirt. I am running around a lot with my boys...but being in Jersey a lot of it is in and out of the car. Is the kelly too hard to get in and out of for everyday errands?


  9. Avandome, Japster, Lv lover, chaneljewel, GF...thanks for your help.
  10. Birkin now, Kelly later!
  11. I've changed my mind...Birkin!
  12. I'd go Birkin :yahoo:
  13. LOL...well I'm going to throw in a thought for a has a strap which could come in handy for using with 3 top so they don't tip it and all spills out....and open top with easy access....and very cool in general!! Okay I know that's not quite what you asked...
  14. GF...why?

    Thanks CB!! Always the enabler, huh?? You are the best!!
  15. Because you described your lifestyle more, and I reckon a Birkin will fit you better than a Kelly right now....!!

    Actually, either would be cool...but would you get a retourne or sellier Kelly? A sellier may be too formal......