Help! DH hates my Melrose!

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  1. Well I got my bleu nuit Melrose yesterday after much deliberating, and I did a reveal on this forum. DH came home from work yesterday afternoon. I showed him the bag. I was all excited/happy/giddy/etc. He hates it. He says that it looks like a "granny bag." He like the color, but he hates the style. I usually carry less structured bags like the galliera or mahina, and he says that the Melrose "isn't me."

    Should I keep it & hope that he comes to like it? Should I return it?

    It isn't about the $$ b/c he told me that I should go back and exchange it for something else more my style. I don't know if he is not a fan of vernis - I don't own any other vernis bags. He has never said that he didn't like any of my LVs before (except a slight problem he has with the roses which he still says is a little too loud for his taste).

    He kind of burst my happiness bubble. :crybaby: What should I do?
  2. You buy the Melrose because you like it. You might regret letting go the Melrose later. Listen to yourself. You're the one using the bag and not him.:yes:
  3. I think it's important that YOU like it. Next time you go to lunch or dinner, put on something that will make the Bleu Nuit pop, carry the MA and let him sit & admire you with the bag...and listen to the compliments you will receive.
  4. My husband's opinion matters alot to me.. and he tells it to me like it is.
    If my husband didn't like one of my bags, I would think twice about the purchase. HOWEVER, if I really loved it and had no reservations about the bag in the first place, then I would keep it!
  5. If you love the bag, keep it. You and your DH aren't going to always agree on which bags you like. Maybe the bag will grow on him. I think you'll regret returning it.
  6. aww.. i'm sorry about that.. i would be bummed out too if my hubby didn't 'approve' of a particular thing i'm happy about.. :sad:
    you'd be the only one to be able to gauge his level of dislike for it, to know if you should keep it or not..
    would he keep saying something whenever you'd carry it? is he more indifferent to it, and would probably just get used to seeing it? or is he just at that middle point of maybe growing into liking it because you do? :wondering:
    haha.. spoken like a wife who doesn't always have the same views as dh.. :angel:
    much luck on your decision!

  7. Ditto!
  8. Don't worry about his opinion, so long as YOU love it :yes: I always feel men don't appreciate the beauty of handbags the way women do - of course there are exceptions but this is a very universal phenomenon! My DH thinks my watercolor pap is horrendous, but I love it nonetheless!

    Having said that, if your DH is very fashion-savvy, or knows your style so well that he usually gives very accurate and constructive comments about what suits you and what doesn't, then it's a different story. You may want to take his comments more seriously if that's the case.
  9. He really doesn't like it. I was surprised b/c he usually either likes or seems indifferent about my bags. He & I tend to agree on my taste in LVs. That is why his reaction really surprised me. I guess he is making me second guess my purchase.

    If I kept it, then I would definately hear about it again but not in a constant negative, nagging kind of way.
  10. He isn't fashion savvy for himself, but he is usually pretty fashion savvy when it comes to me. If that makes any sense. He is also pretty blunt about his opinions and will tell me when he something doesn't look good. He will also tell me when he thinks something looks amazing. I am so confused.
  11. If YOU love it... thats what matters!!:smile:
  12. ITA. i take what my parents or bf have to say into consideration, but ultimately, i am the one who will be carrying it

  13. IF you like it keep it .. maybe get a charm that he thinks is "you" .. i have insolence bag charm in icallie (the brown tortishel colour ) and it complements my blue nuit alma wonderfly .. hope i was a help!!
  14. hmm.. tough decision.. my hubby is exactly the same way.. :ghi5:
    i'm the type who would be bothered and feel uncomfortable carrying it around him.. and i'd find it a waste to use it only when i'm without him..
    i, myself, would exchange it for a bleu nuit in another style.. only because i love the color (and it seems your dh does as well)..

    UNLESS you really, really love it.. and can somewhat show him how chic and 'un-granny' it can look, enough to change his mind?? :P

    much luck, once again...

  15. if you love it keep it. But i know where your coming from, my boyfriend hates the roses so im debating getting one, i thinks when he sees it on though he will love it. If you love the melrose im sure your hubby will come around and love that it makes you happy.