HELP! Desperately Seeking........

  1. Try Barneys Madison Ave store...I have seen it there
  2. Dallas Barney's had it three weeks ago, it may be worth a shot to give them a call.

  3. Ooh and they appear to have a blue Trapeze as well. :heart: It doesn't look like an exotic to me, which means it can be shipped to CA.

    I shall get in touch and see if they can furnish me with more pics/price quote.

    Thanks a bunch. :flowers:
  4. They have 4 of it here in HK!!
  5. I'm looking for the small phantom in natural python or khaki with blue trim in Europe - any ideas? I've already called a lot of shops...
  6. Loads of luggages, trapeze at DFS TST in HK today :smile:
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    I am still looking for a royal blue micro if anyone has any leads new or preloved TIA/$

    I would consider a royal blue nano too:smile:
  8. My SA has it but in the states :sad: sorry
  9. Looking for a horizontal cabas in a gray color ASAP. Im looking for more of a true gray rather than a taupey gray.
    any help is appreciated!!
  10. Hello ladies (and gents) I'm searching for the Celine pouch that's two tones of black: one shiny and one matte. Has anyone seen this for sale anywhere???

    Thanks for your help!
  11. I have this one! I got it at Barney's last November and was the last one in the company (since th came out months before I got it). If you find one it will probably be in bonanza or eBay :sad: good luck!
  12. There is a new version of this pouch released for Fall 2012 and it is slightly larger than the usual clutch pouch and it has a straight zipped edge instead of the curved L. Very elegant. I saw it in Singapore Céline store.
  13. Oh this is good news indeed! I hope I can find it in the US!!!!! :smile: Please keep an eye out for me ladies!!
  14. I need help locating a mini luggage in black drummed leather. Any sightings? Thank you!!!
  15. Did you try Bergdorf Goodman? I had seen one there a week or two ago, I think...