HELP! Desperately Seeking........

  1. I can't PM you but you can email me at for more info.
  2. Hunde from Bergdorf had one, call her at 646.784.2527 and let her know Gia referred you.
  3. [​IMG]


    Contact Maeygan @ (619)301-5698

  4. Desperately seeking micro in dune called SA at Nordstroms Chicago told sold out at all Nordstroms locations
  5. Desperately looking for micro in citron...did anyone see it recently?
  6. Hello, I'm desperately looking for the neon python long wallet in yellow, any idea where I can find it

    it looks exactly like this celine classic box
  7. Looking for a cobalt blue mini. Thanks.
  8. Call William at Jeffrey Atlanta 4042379000
  9. The Triptyque in Red - other colors will be considered! TIA
  10. celine phantom black stamped croc.... the larger size
  11. I have a SA from Barneys that I can PM you his info. He can probably find the bag for you.
  12. Has anyone seen the Large Phantom in grey leather at Barney's? I've seen the Small in grey but it's too small for me. Thanks in advance!
  13. Looking for a Celine Micro Luggage in Jungle. Anyone seen one lately? TIA!
  14. You may want to call Dallas Barney's, I saw them couple of weeks ago, but not sure if it's still in stock.
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    UGH OH NO! Thanks AmeeLVSBags. I'll ring them immediately.

    Update.....Thanks AmeeLVSBags! It's on it's way they just received the Large Phantom on Monday! So excited!