HELP! Desperately Seeking........

  1. I saw one on Bonanza but asking a pretty price for it.
  2. I am a newbie to the Celine forum and I am in search of a royal blue or cobalt blue mini micro. If anyone has any leads for me I would greatly appreciate it. Honestly, I would be interested in any color I could get in a micro to tell you the truth:smile: TIA
  3. Sold out too. =(
  4. My SA from a small private store in Canada told me they just got a huge shipment of Celine bags. I know they don't have any of the fluo styles, but they have a lot of other colours for the Trapeze, Phantom, Mini Luggage, Trio, and Cabas. Feel free to PM me with the style you want, and I can check for you :smile:
  5. looking for a small phantom in black stamped crocodile please!! :smile:
  6. there is one at muse boutique in Adelaide, Australia. the girls there are called Kristie and Amy and they received one the other day - it is my favourite shop! I did a post with a picture of it called 'celine in Adelaide, Australia' if you want to have a look. I think it is $2800 Australian dollars
  7. Hello All,

    I'm looking for a camel smooth or pebbled mini luggage. I know bonanza and eBay have some, but I would prefer to purchase from a department store if possible. Any help would be much appreciated. I actually purchased the dune color, but it is too light for my preference so I will be returning it. Thank you!!!
  8. Looking to get a micro luggage in tri color terracota! If you know of any SA who ships internationally who has it, pls pls PM me! Thanks in advance!
  9. Has anyone seen a Mini Luggage in Orange? Saks maybe? Also-I am a Celine newbie so I am confused about the the Mini Luggage in Orange coming out again in the Spring 2013 collection?
  10. Call Dallas Barney's, they had loads of bags on Saturday, there was a smooth camel. Any of the SA would be helpful, I have personally worked with Taraneh.
  11. I think spotted one at Barney's Dallas.
  12. Still looking for smooth black micro or dune micro....where / what is the best way to get my hands on these?!?!

  13. You might want to check out reebonz now they have a couple of celine available online. :smile:
  14. Has anyone seen the floral cabas at saks?