HELP! Desperately Seeking........

  1. My SA has the MINI in almond tricolor if you may be interested in that. PM me if you want contact.
  2. Thanks CalpurniaPeach! Really looking for the Medium it's more my size the MINI is a little too small.
  3. Bergdorfs just placed a reorder on this. I posted it under the intel thread.
  4. Anyone seen any blue python micro or nanos yet?
  5. I know it's a long shot, but trying anyway. Has anyone seen the small horizontal cabas that is closed with a zipper on top in black? (I.e. not the cabas with side zippers)
  6. Hi Advo, there used to be one on Styledrops. However, i just checked and it's gone. They also have the same bag in fuchsia and orange. I myself bought the fuchsia one and find it really gorgeous. Maybe you can ask them whether they can backorder it. Good luck!
  7. I saw the almond medium at Barney's San Francisco on Friday.
  8. Thanks! I'll give them a ring this morning!
  9. Thank you so much for your reply! Do you find the bag big enough for daily use?
  10. I wish I could find a mini luggage tri colour in beige/blush colour in the uk
  11. I called BSF it was a Shoulder Luggage in the Almond.....So CLOSE!!! She was kind enough to check their system too and didn't find any Mediums in any of the stores. Thanks again 27leborse!
  12. For me the size is perfect for daily use as I find the normal Cabas too big. What's even better is the zipper on top, making it much more practical.
  13. Sorry it wasn't what you're looking for, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.
  14. Hi everyone, I am desperately searching for a mini luggage in the fluo pink (bright pink)...there are a few on eBay but they always make me nervous! Please let me know if you know anywhere i can find one. Thanks!
  15. Hi! I know the cobalt is from the last year's collection... But I am looking for a nano in cobalt blue! Even pre-loved ones are fine.... It is so beautiful :smile: