HELP!! Desperately seeking the Zac Posen Zoe Patent Clutch

  1. omg omg omg, i swear i saw the Zac Posen Zoe Patent Clutch in Amethyst (purple) available on last night my time (i live in a complete opposite timezone as the US) but i was outside on a public computer and did not want to use my credit card. this morning i got to work and immediately went on Saks, planning to make my purchase, and of course, it was gone!

    i had just tried calling 18 different Saks locations (yes, international calls, i'm crazy...) and most of the stores didn't even carry Zac Posen, and the few that did either said they sold out or do not have the patent one? i know this morning was the crazy extra 50% off sale so i wasn't surprised that the SAs weren't that helpful and were all in a rush to hang up the phone.

    so PLEASE, if anyone sees this clutch available ANYWHERE, could you please please have the SA hold it for me and PM me the location/SA contact.


    i am seriously going nuts that i let this one get away...*sniff*
  2. I too, was looking for one, but it was sold out by the time I could check online.

    Good luck finding one.
  3. I also just remembered that the Amethyst color was a Saks exclusive.

    So I wouldn't bother calling other stores. I bookmarked the clutch (for when I was looking to buy it), so if you save it to your bookmarks, you can check and see if it ever comes back in stock.

  4. thank you TheGirlGotSoul! i have the bookmark saved as well, and will be constantly checking back.

  5. No problem! And if I do happen to see it anywhere, I'll be sure to send you a PM!

  6. If you have the on-line item #, call the Saks on-line phone # and ask them to locate it for you. They have done that for me in the past. A Prada bag I was waiting for sold out and I had the item saved in my cart, so I called and found one in a TX store. Good luck, I saw that one, it did sell out fairly quick.
  7. omg omg! it's in black...what to do!?!?!!!!???
  8. argh someone bought it before i could make up my mind.