help! desperately seeking a chloe bay messenger in camel

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  1. hi, can anyone help, i'm desperate to find a bay messenger in camel :love: as i'v been looking for one of these for ages :confused1:. if anyone can help, please please can you let me know!!! i'd be so happy if i found one :smile::yes:
  2. i'd also :heart: to see people modeling their messengers:yes::wlae:
  3. I've been looking for one for ages too - in any colour but so far I've only found fakes on ebay and one that was a bit too used.
  4. Have a look at the postwebsiteChloéfinds thread, there is a beautiful one, BIN price $ 500, be quick! You can find it above, with the stickies (the threads that are staying)
  5. hi, thanks brigitte0810, unfortunately they only except paypal:crybaby: but thanks anyway:smile:
  6. Oh, what a pity! No chance whatsoever to get it? If it is the style you are wanting!
  7. I was about to post the link Brigitte referred to :tup: You can pay by paypal if you have a credit or debit card, it is easy to join up at If you can't do that why not email the seller and ask if you could pay by bank transfer or send a money order. That price is a steal, it will be hard to find such a good deal again. (I would get it authenticated too though).
  8. Yes, thank you rubylola for pointing this out, it is really easy to join, and you could even hit the BIN button and join afterwards if you are really desperate to get her! Only to keep in mind, it is always better to pay per credit card through Paypal, if you have any problems it is easy to get a refund, especially if the seller refuses to cooperate!
    In my opinion the bag looks OK, but you could post the link in the Authenticate thread, to get other's opinion and to be 100% sure! Good luck!
  9. hi brigitte, i've just looked at the item again and the messengers just been sold:crybaby:, but thanks again
  10. Really good point Brigitte :yes:

    Sorry you missed out on this bag madaboutchloe, I'll keep my eyes peeled for another.
  11. ahh thanks rubylola, your a darling:angel:
  12. :love:
  13. i actually looked at that one brigitte0810, but i think it's a short shoulder bag:s