Help Desperately Need EB Rolandos! What to do?

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  1. Can anyone help me find a pair of these in a 38 or 38.5? Which stores carried this style? Barney's said they didn't have them.... not sure where to look first. I have the declics in blue and the red patent rolando but I'm not sure I'm going to keep the rolandos. I definitely need them in EB suede however!

    Any help would be appreciated. THANKS!
  2. I think the stores that carried the EB Rolandos were BG and Jeffrey's and they sold out as soon as they got their shipments in last year. The only place to find them now are ebay.
  3. Oh crap! We're not the same size.....I so badly want the Wine Rolandos!!!

    Sorry, I can't help you with the EB Rolandos.
  4. want more, what's your size?
  5. Babyface - you should try calling some of the local smaller boutiques because they may still have them. I know that Hirschleiffers in Manhasset carried the EB Rolandos and marked them down to 70%, I don't know if they take returns on sale merchandise but it's worth calling them to see if they have received any returns. Also, Coco Pari in Red Bank and the CL Hong Kong boutique had them and also marked them down. I am not sure if the pairs in London CL ever got marked down.
    Otherwise, your other bet is to look on ebay as there have been quite a few popping up recently.
  6. THanks so much for the info! I'll call around. :heart:
  7. i saw a pair at the Barney's coop on the upper west side in nyc. tjey had a 38.5 and 39.5
  8. Nyc, i think i called them and they only carried the declics in blue....could it have been the declics that you saw?
  9. 7.5 for the Rolandos - PM me if you see them in Wine Patent. I want a perfect one :rolleyes: since mine were all damaged (leather peeling and soles were detached from the shoes). TIA.
  10. the shoes i saw/tried on were blue seude 4+ inch heels with a hidden platform.
    they looked like the rolandos. it is a Barney's coop on the uws. i tried the 39.5 and they were too big for me on sunday.
  11. Bergdorf Goodman just got a shipment of EB Rolandos. You may want to five them a call.