Help...designer jeans for bigger girls

  1. Ok, I normally wear size 12 in non-designer jeans. Does anyone know what designer jeans if any that cater to my size. I notice that the sizes are double digits...for example size 30. I have no clue what a 12 would be equivalent to. I would really appriciate some input on this.
  2. The sizes are waist sizes..measure your waist to see what size you are.
  3. ^^^ yup, I wear size 5 and I dont know if is equal to 27 but thats what I usually wear.
  4. i would guess 29/30 might work for you. i usually use this scale for misses sizing:

    0 - 24
    2 - 25
    4 - 26
    6 - 27
    8 - 28
    10 - 29
    12 - 30
    14 - 31
    16 - 32

    going by your actual waist size is a good starting point, but will differ depending on your body shape.
  5. This scale is actually incorrect. I've found that 32's are equivalent to 10/12, and that is as big as premium designer jeans tend to go. Check out's denim site, it seems they have size charts for each brand of denim they carry. Here is the chart from their website for Seven for all Mankind:
    24=0; 25=2; 26=2/4; 27=4; 28=4/6; 29=6/8; 30=8/10; 31=10; 32=10/12
  6. yea, I'm a size 12 in regular jeans and in designer jeans, I wear a size 32.
  7. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Which designers fit do you like better?
  9. GemRuby...True Religion has a "Joey" jean that actually is made for us "larger" girls...LOL, like the ones who aren't in the single digits anymore. They have a special way of sewing the seams...(or so they say) they will make a size 12 look like a 10...:okay: I have my eye on a pair also! Pricey...they run about $240:push:.
  10. ooh,ooh,ooh...i'm getting excited!
  11. Yeah you'd be a 31 or 32. What's sad is that in other non-designer jeans, I'm like a 7 or 8 but I'm a 31 in TR's and Seven's. :push:
  12. My girlfriend is more on the curvy side and she LOVES Sevens For All Man Kind and some Citizens as well!
  13. ^^ + Especially in their darker washes.
  14. My favorites are yanuk jeans. I never seem to go wrong with these jeans.
  15. I have found these brands fit me (am a size 12):

    AG, Joe's, Christopher Blue, Goldsign