HELP!!! Depth Pochette Accessories

  1. Hi I am thinking of getting a Pochette Accessories and need to know how deep it is. No websites post the depth, just Height and Width. It looks like it's about 2 inches?

    If someone has one in real life and can let me know, I'd appreciate it!
  2. mono? multicolor?
  3. do you want the measurment from the outside or from the inside?
  4. It's about 1.2"

  5. Hi for Mono, and the measurement of the inside, please. Thanks!!!
  6. from side to side 8.5 inches
    top to bottom 5 inches
    front to back about an inch
  7. ^^ Yep, about an inch, but mono can stuff quite a bit more than lined ones, like multicolor, cherry blossom...
  8. I use mine everyday and it fits everything I need!
  9. I carry a lot and have tried it and it is workable for me
  10. just about one inch, but it could hold more stuff than I thought. I just got one on Saturday and used it on Monday ;)
  11. The mono poch. definitely holds A LOT more than it appears!! I use it day & night! ;)