Help! Denim sizing advice needed

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  1. Ok, so I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me! I'm about 5'1 1/2 to 5'2 and around 100lbs. My waist usually fits a size 23/24 (in 7 for all Mankind and Joe's Jeans) but the length is always wayyy too long! I feel like premium denim is expensive enough as it is and I don't have the money to pay extra to get them hemmed!! Suggestions anyone?? :confused1:
  2. If you purchase them at Nordstrom's they are hemmed for free. I'm sure there are other stores like this, but that's just where I love to shop for jeans.
  3. Yupp...if you shop at high-end department stores they hem them for free! I'm the opposite of you...I wish they could sew more fabric onto the jeans because most of them are too short for me.
  4. if you can spend $100+ on jeans, you can spend $10 to hem them :smile: at my drycleaners, unoriginal hems only cost $6, original are $10... but it did take me a lot of time and research to find my tailor.

    or, invest in a sewing machine and do it yourself!
  5. Many premium denim brands (including 7FAM and Joe's) offers a petite length. Try those out.
  6. If you find these jeans at off saks or other similar stores maybe you can afford to hem them since you got them on discount.