Help! Denim or khaki duffle??

  1. I bought the signature medium duffle yesterday in denim and white but now I'm thinking maybe I should have got it in khaki/camel instead. Last summer, after seeing the LV denim line I started thinking how great a denim bag like that would be for summer, with white trim. I looked everywhere and didn't see anything. Then I found this one last week and was very excited. But now I'm second-guessing myself since I feel like the khaki one would work better year-round.

    What does everyone here think? I noticed on the care card for the denim that it says the colour may transfer to light-coloured clothing. Has anyone had that happen yet with their denim stuff? What do you wear your resort denim or other denim stuff with?

    Here are the bags:

    denim duffle.JPG khaki duffle.JPG
  2. I'll say Khaki.
  3. Thanks, I Love Rice. That's kind of the direction I'm leaning the more I think about it. I'm waiting to see if anyone knows how well the denim holds up and whether it transfers colour badly. That'll be the deciding factor.
  4. I vote khaki too!
  5. Ahhh I can't help! I have been debating this myself! Both are beautiful!
  6. khaki, definately
  7. I like them both, but may be leaning more toward the khaki.
  8. I like the khaki.
  9. Khaki!!
  10. Khaki and Camel is very nice combination. If you have Lord & taylor near you, they already mark down the Duffle in Khaki and Camel color. I got the small one only for $140 (including 5% tax). It was like 25% off and then a 20% off coupon. I went to the Coach store after I got the bag. It was on display. I was so happy.
  11. I think the khaki combo is stunning on that purse, but I love the denim, too. I've been considering one of the small flap denim bags.
  12. i been wanting a denim bag MYSELF.i VOTE FOR denim becAUse it will stand out REGUARDLESS OF WHAT YOU WEAR.i seen this bag in person & I LOVE IT.
    i DO like both,but my opinion is khaki is safe color that would work anytHing.

  13. Hey everyone, thanks for all the opinions! I ended up going back and exchanging the denim for the khaki/camel today and I'm so glad I did. I love it. I used it right away and it just feels perfect for me. I really wanted the denim one to work but I knew that it just didn't feel "right" on my, if you know what I mean. The khaki one is totally me. I'll post pics when I get a chance.

    Thanks again!!!
  14. They are both beautiful but I vot will go w/ everything
  15. i have that problem too i keep buying "spring bags" lol