Help! Denim Dye Rubbing on my Azur.

  1. I wear my jeans all day along with my Demier Azur Naviglio and the denim dye gets transfered on to my bag. One side of my bag is now covered in blue dye. How do I remove this without hurting my baby? I have tried rubbing with warm water and mild soap like LV sales rep suggested but it just makes the LV checker print wear out faster and it doesn't remove all the ink. :crybaby:

    Does anyone know of a quick and harmless solution to remove the denim dye? Also will this stain be permanent if I don't remove it right away?
  2. ughhh.. my Saleya GM's bottom all blue too! bothers me a LOT like a bag pimple!
    I (still) haven't tried to get rid of it yet, but good luck to you!
  3. I wonder if the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would work.... I'm not saying I tried it or know if it works, but just putting out an idea!!
  4. Have you tried Huggies baby wipes? I had this denim dye transfer on my white MC Rita --- it was on the actual canvas and the vachetta. I gently wiped it with Huggies baby wipes (I keep some in my car always!) and the wipes wiped away all the dye. My bag looks good as new. Try it right away before everything sets in. Good luck!
  5. Hey one of my friend suggested the same thing today and he's not into leather goods. Will definately give this a try.

  6. I used Dawn dishwash liquid and warm water on my azur....the denim transfer came out without removing any of the pattern.
  7. ^^^^
    Can I ask how the denim "bleeds" onto the Azur? Is it from constant friction, or from contact from something wet? I had NO IDEA that damier azur was so delicate !!!!!!
    Could someone post a photo of this? I would really like to see this, as I may or may not get the speedy azur now.....
  8. Will give this a shot too. ;)

  9. i would say.....i think it might be permanent because the same sort of thing happened to my CB from a dress and there was no success with the magic eraser OR the baby wipes. That is there for good unfortunatly. good to know about the jeans since i plan on getting the azur. but further more to answer someone elses question, it gets on there by rubbing against your leg while youre carrying the bag.
  10. Denim seems to pretty much get onto anything. Very annoying indeed...
  11. It is from constant friction. I wear my bag across my shoulder and everytime I make a step the bag rubs against my jeans. You should be find if you wear trousers or light color denim. Azur is light color bag and just like wearing white pants, you should expect it to get dirty fast. The darker damiers are prone to this too but less noticeable imo.

  12. Good luck getting the color out.

  13. This might work. If not, try a regular eraser but use it gently. Goodluck with it. :sad:
  14. When all else fails, I turn to Lysol Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaner. It got ink off of my pink Dooney IT bag (a cheap cousin of LV canvas) without damaging it. And yes, I like Dooney, too. They're fun and I wear 'em in bad weather.

  15. ^^^^^^

    Wow. Thanks for the "heads up!" re: damier azur.
    I can't image anyone buying a keepall with this problem. Its really very very pretty, but I know I would not be happy if I had to worry about this EVERY time I carried a bigger azur I guess it's smaller azur pieces for me....:crybaby: