Help! Deep Conditioner Suggestions

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  1. I'm looking for a good deep conditioner for my hair that I can use twice a week or so. Right now I'm using Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner for everyday use. Once a week I use Bumble & Bumble Sunday Clarifying shampoo to get rid of styling gunk. I do color my hair, and lately it's been very brittle at the ends and breaking off in certain places :sad: My hair is thick and wavy, and I blowdry it straight most days, but usually take Sunday off from doing anything to it.

    Any suggestions would be great, I'm in dire need of hair help! :biggrin:
  2. i can recommend kiehl's Hair Conditioner and Grooming Aid Formula 133. but i suggest visiting
    you can find tons of reviews and recommendations for anything from make up to conditioners and shampoos. i love that site!
  3. Garnier Fruit. deep cond. repiar, in the winter I use it, it works great, just you have to switch off it every other month, or your hair will get too mosturized.
  4. My hair is very fine so I don't use heavy-duty conditioners much, but last year when we were in Mexico, my hair quickly got very dry and brittle from the chlorine and sea air. I found a leave-in conditioner called L'ANZA Solutions Leave-in Protector which worked wonders. Made my hair instantly smooth and soft without making it look weighted down or greasy. My husband's cousin who was with us and has very thick, frizzy hair also used it and liked it a lot.
  5. Have you tried any Aveda products? Check out, you can read their reviews. I have African-American hair, so what I use may not work for you but my Stylist has recommend several products to me. One was Anasazi Bee Pollen deep Conditioner. I use to go to "White" salon and had that treatment done. Loreal has a professional line, that is awesome as well. It's hard to find though, only in salons. And finally, I just started using stuff from Carol's Daughter. It's this all nature stuff, that is serious. My hair gets gross in the winter and this stuff is amazing. Again, not sure that is will work for you but boy it's great for Black hair. The first day I used, everyone keep asking me if I had gone to the salon. One draw back is that it's heavy. Good luck.
  6. We are river rats in the summer time, so my ends get pretty dry since it's long. If you can, I would stop using the clarifying shampoo...I can certainly tell a difference in my hair's dryness after I use one. For a shampoo, I recommend Abba Creme Moist. Best stuff ever, I have used it for years. :love:

    And for an every day conditioner, Abba Moisture Scentsation.

    For a deep conditioner, I swear by this stuff~ Hayashi 911...I either use it in the shower and leave it on for however long I'm in there, or I put it on after, clip my hair up and cover it with a cap. I got a pack of disposable plastic caps at Sally's that work great. This is wonderful stuff, and you can get it at most beauty supplies or salons.

    My hair is fine and mostly straight, but I have a lot of it. None of these products weigh it down in the least bit.

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  7. Christina, I also use Redkin color extend shampoo and conditioner. But for deeper conditioning I use TERRAX. Try it, It saves my life!
  8. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Some of these I've never heard of, but Google is my best friend :biggrin:

    JJ, I love Kiehl's products. I use the Creme de Corps, but have never tried their hair products. They sell Kiehl's at NM here, so I will check out next time I'm at the mall.

    uafly, I have one Aveda product - it's a night cream for my feet, and it always leaves them so soft. I wear flip flops a lot, so my feet get torn up quite a bit. My salon sells Aveda, so I will look next time I am there. The foot cream is great, I put it on every night before bed and put a thick pair of socks on.

    I will let you all know what I buy and if it works! :biggrin:
  9. KERASTASE. This is the absolute best brand I have ever used. I have been using it for years. My hair, as I have chosen to be blond, was damaged from the color that is applied to it every month. Kerastase is so nurishing you would never know how my hair use to be. It will literally change your hair in one week, I am serious. I use the Oleo Relax type, it is the orange bottle. I suggest for conditioner, the "lait vital protien" conditioner for daily use and for once a week they have a thick mask. You will not regret using/ buying their products. The shampoo, conditioner and mask come to $100, and they last about two months.
  10. I read of Kerastase in Allure magazine, but hadn't talked to anyone who had actually used it. Good to know, thank you! I think you can order it online...? :huh: I'll check it out.
  11. I use those deep leave-in for 3 minute conditioners from Neutrogena and Garnier Fructis. Both have worked well for me and my hair is right up to my tush. LOL.
  12. i've been using some frederic fekkai (what are the odds i spelled that correctly) products recently and LOVE them. i have very curly hair, so keeping it moisturized is essential to fight frizz and their conditioners have done quite well thus far.

    i also use the curl cream, which you might want to try since you blow dry straight. it doesn't make your hair curl or anything, it just tames frizzies and flyaways, but it doesn't make me feel like i have product in my hair, which is practically a miracle. no crunchies or stickies.
  13. I have tried both of those conditioners, and they were all right. The Neutrogena one was probably my favorite. I think my hair is overprocessed - I used to dye it pink and blue and would have to bleach it before to make sure the color came out bright :P Since I have to look "normal" for my job, I dye it a dark burgundy now. I use Garnier 100% color in deep burgundy brown.

    amanda, don't they sell Frederic Fekkai products at Bath & Body Works? I thought I had seen them there.

    I wish I could get small samples of the conditioners everyone has suggested! I'd love to try them all out and see what works best.
  14. yeah they just started carrying them at bath and body works, which is sooo much more convenient than having to buy them at NM or wherever else they sell them around here - there's one right next to the grocery store i go to!
  15. \

    I had tried his products actually when I ran out of my kerastase on vacation and couldnt find it anywhere so I picked this up at saks. I have to say I didnt really care for the shampoo or conditioner, however we do have different hair types as yours is curly, mine is straight but damaged. I didnt get that ooh la la feeling from the fekkai stuff. It didnt leave my hair with the silky smooth feel.