HELP!! Decisions keeping ^me from my woven Sophia!!

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  1. Ok you have probably seen ^me around any thread that had to do with this bag. Here is my delima. I want this purse SO bad!!
    I'm almost out of time as you know they are about to go to the outlets. The only thing holding ^me back is the darn sizing! I'm a shoulder bag girl. However I love medium size bags. It seems like the smaller Sophia has more structure than the large. I think the smaller bag is the perfect size. Then I can't help think of how comfortable I felt throwing the large over my shoulder. I went to my closest Coach to try these bags on when the first came out. I live 4 hours away so I've debated the last two months. I'm so afraid I will by the small or large and be unhappy. I think the large is to big. I have the black signature poppy glam tote, that I use as a diaper bag. So my woven sophia will only be used when I go somewhere by myself. So part of ^me thinks I'll be happy with the small. But can I be happy using it as a handbag? Then I wonder if the satchel strap will bother ^me? I've poured over pictures of the Sophia bag, but I need better pictures of the actual bag to make my decision. So if anyone has a minute to chime in or post modeling picture of the woven Sophia in pewter, I would be so grateful! I'm so sorry to ramble on, and on, but I want this bag!!
  2. Forgive my grammar, I'm posting from my iPhone :smile:.
  3. I have the small, I don't have any modeling pics. But here are some pictures of the bag. hth!



  4. Thanks Jersey girl! It does help. I Love looking at it :smile:. How do you carry it?

  5. You're welcome!
    I carry it most of the time as a satchel. If I'm shopping and need to be hands free I will use the shoulder strap.
  6. Hi...I have the large woven Sophia. I dont have modeling pic but I would go for the large. I use mine as a 2ndary bag when I'm not using my baby coach bag...the same way you do. I love it!! Not sure if you know but Macy's has them on sale and I believe the sale ends 9/25. I paid 285 something and that's with tax for the large!
    I rather have room in my bag then be too tight and not have enough room. It seems structured to me. I just love it! It's a matter of preference. If you like the small...I think Macy's has that too. Good luck deciding.
  7. ^^ Thanks that helps a lot! I know I'm going to absoulutly love this bag. So I was afraid if I got the small I might one day want the large or vice versa lol. However if I'm not with my baby, I generally still have her stuff. So I may want the large. Is that sale online Irvin store? If instore do they ship?
  8. I tried this bag on in large and its nice. I have a large signature sophia that I think is but but like it. The Woven is so muc nicer in the large. I think because of the leather and the corners drop.
    Its not a heavy bag, I have put a call in to my S/a at the outlet and told her to charge which ever they get.
    I have two small sophia's and they are nice.. The only plus to the large is your can put it over your shoulder(depending on your size) the woven would be more comfy as it has flat handles not rolled handles.
    So either way i'd be happy :smile:

    All my sophia's had the long strap still attached, I dont use it. I cant wear it on my shoulder it hurts. Its there just for looks!
  9. I own the large and it is a great size and love the detail on the woven sophia. The HW is tdf and it is a light bag to carry. Go for the large, here is mine:


    Without flash:

  10. You can have it shipped by doing a phone order, if your Macy's doesn't have it. The sku# 885135668949 style# 17763. This is for the large bag.  I don't have sku # for small.
    I know I do the same when I'm not with my baby, I still tend to have stuff of his with me. When I do empty it and only have like my sunglasses and wallet's still looks great. Still holds it's structure and I know if I wanna fill it, I can cause the bag is spacious. Also you said you like shoulder bags..this is def a shoulder bag. I think the small bag, the straps are smaller, so not sure if straps are tight for shoulder. Good luck!! :biggrin:
  11. Totally agree
  12. I forgot to's free shipping going on right now. Just call your local Macy's and they should be able to look it up. If they can't help then call another Macy's. 
  13. Here are some modeling pics of the small black woven sophia. I don't use the shoulder strap since I carry it as a satchel, but it is nice to have the option if you want. I don't have modeling pics of the pewter woven, but I was lucky to score her on sale at Nordie's and she is amazing. HTH!



  14. I have the large and love the size. It can hold alot or a little and you can wear it on your shoulder with the handles (I don't think you can do that with the small). Another thing to think about, is that Coach isn't making the large sophia anymore.
  15. I've decided!
    .... On the regular :smile:

    Here were my reasons:
    1) I don't think I'm going to be rid of lugging around a baby bag for a while. If I did get the Large I might tend to carry some of her things in it, and I dint want to chance getting my Sophia dirty. I keep everything in my baby bag in a zip lock bag, but it still manages to get everywhere.

    2) the Carly was my number 1 all time favorite bag! I LOVED the size, it always had just enough room to hold/fit what I needed. The regular Is only an inch larger, than my carly, and the shoulder strap will only hang down 4 inches more than my carly. Which my bother ^me. But maybe not as much as having an over sized bag.

    3) I have a Marc Jacobs Dr. Q hiller, that I love because it's purple and gray, however it is a shoulder bag, but it's sooo big. I don't even carry it anymore because I always had to dig for things.

    4) I like the look of the Sophia as a handbag. I think it's so cute. I may prefer the Sophia as a handbag, because I'm afraid the large would slide