HELP! decisions decisions

  1. i just received another white first and a rouge city from Neiman Marcus. i need help deciding which to keep!

    my original white first has thinner leather on the bottom and sides, and is a cooler white... not very bright. it seems like it wouldn't get dirty as easily for some reason.
    the new one has thicker leather, but has edges that aren't completely dyed so you can see a little bit of a salmony colour, although its very faint. the handles are really squishy and it seems like it would get dirtier easier because its really soft and bright white.

    my original rouge city has distressed leather and is shiny. quite wrinkly in the back. the leather is overall thick, except the back is a bit thinner.
    the new one has significantly thinner leather all over (especially on the sides) and thicker leather on the back. it's not really distressed and feels like an 04 bag.. really smushy really beautiful. there are some little scratches on it but it doesn't bug me too much.

    so which should i keep of each?
    white: much thinner leather, cooler white, doesn't get dirty as easily VS thicker leather, warmer brighter white, would get dirty easily, some undyed edges

    rouge: thicker leather, more distressed (kinda like fw05 leather), shiny VS much thinner leather, smushy less distressed (like 04 leather)
  2. IMO:
    white: much thinner leather, cooler white, doesn't get dirty as easily
    rouge: much thinner leather, smushy less distressed (like 04 leather)
  3. thanks for the input! it's so frustrating... i wish there was just ONE of them that was perfect. i love the two thinner bags, but their thinness just makes me really uncomfortable, but at the same time, hte problems with the thicker bags bother me too. i've been staring at and comparing them for hours! the thin rouge is SO soft, the sides feel like i could puncture it any minute, but it's so beautiful and smushy.
  4. I agree that the thinner ones seem to be preferred, but I really wouldn't worry about the leather being able to be punctured by your finger (I'm sure a knitting needle could go through, but that's probably true of any bag we own of any brand!) and there has been a fair amount of discussion that the leather will plump up with use!

    I wish you well,

  5. I would base my choice on color since the leather really does "change" with use. The leather gets better over time--the shininess goes away and the wrinkles even out. You mentioned that the white bags were slightly different colors--what about the rouge bags? Is one darker or brighter? Which do you prefer? As for poking your finger through, my black city is very soft and on the thin side, yet it has held up beautifully even though it's my every day bag. I'm really surprised by how durable the leather is.

    Good luck with your decision. Keep the bags you prefer and don't worry too much about the leather--once you use your bags a while they will look completely different!
  6. as for colour, i do love a bright white, but the brighter whites seem to be really sensitive to getting dirty. it's just that bottom and sides on the cooler white feel alot more papery and really really thin....

    as for the rouge bags, they are both about the same in darkness, except the thicker one looks less dark cos its got a lot more sheen to it (which i assume will rub off). i would say the thin rouge looks like how my black city looked after having beat it up while lugging it all over with me in paris

    thanks so much for the input you guys!!! keep em coming!