help! decision to make!

  1. im definately going to get a speedy but need help deciding whether i should get the mono or damier print!! i want the speedy25 but i just cannot decide!
  2. I'd get the Damier. :yes:
  3. Damier! Worry free!
  4. hmmm wat do u mean by worry free?
  5. one more vote for damier if you're new to lv
    worry free I think she meant by no virgin vachetta to worry about water spots, uneven patina, getting dirty, etc
  6. if this is your 1st ever LV, i suggest mono. it's a classic! but if you already have some other mono pieces, then go for damier! either way, you won'tyregret your decision ;)
  7. Mono! It is the original! Either one is still awesome though :biggrin:
  8. sorry off-topic, peace43... is that your inclusion collection? OMG! so pretty!!
  9. Damier!!
  10. Damier gets my vote!
  11. Thanx for the replies!! =) lol making it even harder tho, looks about even
  12. Damier too, cos i have the same bag.
    Still looks new after 1 year of torture!!!
  13. I know this is absolutely no help, but you can't go wrong w/either one! But if I have to choose I would say mono first because it is the classic LV bag and every collection should include one. Add the damier as fall approaches.
  14. Since its your 1st LV I vote for DAMIER.

    Damier is worry free because the handles are already dark and it will be impossible to get them dirty.

    However with the Mono, the handles have very light vachetta which can get dirty easily.
  15. I'd pick the mono. The mono speedy 25 was my first bag & I love it to pieces :love: The mono is a classic!