HELP!! Decision Time!!!!

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  1. Decision time, help~~ guys!!!!I'm going to overseas in 2 weeks, i think i'll get some LVs before that and the scheduled Feb. price hike, since i won't be back until mid-Feb, plus i can claim a 10% tax refund:graucho:

    Now, heres my list:
    MC Petit Noe (I've been wanting this bag for ages, 100% sure i'll get that)
    Lockit Horizontal (I'll start my honor in Feb. i THINK i need a big bag to tote those heavy textbooks and my laptop around the campus)
    MC large agenda (I was planning to use it as a lecture/tutorial notebook)
    Damier pochette (I just sold my damier speedy 25, and now i really miss the damier i don't have any small bags in my collection YET)

    So, besides the MC petit Noe, what else should i get:shrugs: ??
  2. MC noe + lockit H :biggrin:
  3. Hmmm... if it were me, it'd be the MC Petit Noe for sure, and either the Lockit Horizontal or the MC Large Agenda...

    Ack... tough decision...

    I would say go for the agenda since you're already getting a bag...

    Then again, you could get the LH and switch out bags...

    But... if you do get the agenda, would it fit inside the Noe? Or would you carry it in your arms?
  4. Get the MC Noe as an everyday run around bag:nuts: !! And then I would get the lockitH. to use as a work/study bag.
  5. I agree..get the Noe and the LH. Those are definitely the best choices :yes:
  6. MC Noe and LH;) Let us know what you decide:nuts:
  7. not sure if the agenda would fit inside the noe, but it doesn't really matter since im planning to use the noe for going out /weekends.:P Do you think the MC agenda would be a good size for uni? I've never seen one IRL:sweatdrop:
  8. I know the retail price for the MC noe is AU$2280, does anyone know how much for the MC large agenda and LH (in AUD)??;) :heart:
  9. The MC Large Ring Agenda would be a great size for use at a university... I tried one out myself at the boutique, and it was a good size for a large. Here's a pic of Paris with a white MC Agenda, which I believe it a large:

  10. ^^CUTE:heart: ~~thanks John, you are a doll:nuts: :P I think Im leaning towards the MC agenda now......
  11. How about the color? :graucho: :graucho: Black or White for Noe/ so indecisive..:Push: :sweatdrop:
  12. ohh def get a mc noe! i love this. I like the black mc for the noe.
    If you do get the LH aswell, remember that you will have to carry that AND the noe on the plane with you to get the tax back. I thnk the large agenda is a good idea for uni, my bf wants to get a damier one to use for school.
    im going overseas too in a few weeks so my LV list is growing too!
  13. Cool~~so when i buy at the store, should i ask for a different receipt? you know, the one shows the actual tax incl.:sweatdrop:

    And, do you know how much for the LH and the large MC agenda in AUD?:graucho: Cheers:heart:
  15. i would get the damier pochette! it's tooooo adorable! the lockit horizontal would be my next choice, but i think that bag is kinda heavy, so if ya add heavy books on top of it, i can only think of your poor shoulders!