HELP! Decision Crisis!

  1. Hey bagaholics! Need your input: YSL Muse or Bottega Veneta Campana? I need the perfect big bag that I can use everyday as well as "that bag" you use when you go on a flight.
  2. I love for BV. Just really love the look and it's pretty durable as well.
  3. No question in my mind-go with the BV-the leather is like butter...LOL!:love:
  4. no question - Campana
  5. Wow, really? That's three of you saying BV. What is "wrong" with the Muse?
  6. Bottega bags are all still made in Italy, right? No outsourcing yet? Are they one of the few fashion houses that still boast hand stitching?
  7. Haha..I actually like the YSL muse better :smile:
  8. I like the YSL better too.
  9. I think the muse is dated...BV is classic.
  10. the Campana. it's my dream bag.
  11. never seen the campana, so i can't decide :p
  12. I like the YSL Muse, and I think this could be a classic bag in the future.
  13. BV Campana, it's timeless and love the leather on it!
  14. Deff BV!!!!
  15. Can you post pics? Not sure what the BV looks like, but the Muse will definitely be a classic bag. I don't think it's going to be dated.