Help deciding....

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Which do I buy????

  1. Large Signature Zoe in all Brown....

  2. Poppy Glam Tote....

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. As some of you know my Friend(sister) has recieved some Bad news about her health..So I want to do something nice for her...Her age is 54 and she is the type of person that would do Anything for Anyone...Never thinks of herself...As I've mentioned many times, my friends and family do not buy Coach...But I would like to buy her a Coach bag..The choices are Poppy Glam tote in Khaki or a large siggy Zoe..Both are affordable since they are at the outlets...She has made comments on my Coach in the past..So I know it would be a Huge surprise to her...Or am I wrong for buying her something at this time..I don't know what to do..I want to put a smile on her face and help her get through this time...;)
  2. I think your a wonderful person for thinking of her. I say do it. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to have such a thoughtful friend, and a lovely gift.
    My vote is for the Glam tote.
  3. I'm partial to Zoe! Sorry your friend is having a hard time, it's very nice for you to be so thoughtful in trying to cheer her up!
  4. Thank you...I just wanted to get opinions as well, because I'am Very partial to the Zoe's..So I just hope she loves either one..
  5. Zoe, definitely.
  6. I would go for the Zoe.
  7. Zoe
  8. I think zoe would be perfect for her :O)
  9. Zoe, for sure.
  10. Very nice of you to think of her, I vote Zoe too.
  11. Zoe, for sure. Poppy Glam is cute, but maybe a little young for her.
  12. dawnqueenb69,

    What a great gift!!! Other than flowers, I think Coach is a great "pick me up" gift!!! I think she will really love it!!! I know she needs all the love and support she can get from her family and friends!!! I think they Zoe would be a great present!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. Zoe! And how sweet of you!
  14. Thank you all so much for your replies and for your kindness....I'am hoping it does give her something else to think about...;)
  15. Zoe, and that's so sweet of you!