Help Deciding

  1. sorry i cant help you with the price, but the bag is beautiful!! good luck!!! and post modeling pics when you get it!
  2. Maybe you should post this question it in the Authenticate this... thread because the girls there have seen lots of bags and should be able to determine the condition of the bag and tell you if the price is good!
  3. It's a lovely bag and the price is great TODAY. The problem is the auction isn't over yet. Last night I saw a Prada bag go from $315 to over $1,000 in the last few minutes.

    Good luck. I hope you get it. I love that style.
  4. Good luck! It's beautiful!
  5. That's a beautiful bag! I saw it IRL too and I thought the retail was pretty fair considering how its size and how much the other miu mius cost.
    Good luck with the auction if you do decide to get it through there! Just don't get caught in a bidding war!