help deciding...

  1. Hey everyone,
    im having a lot of trouble deciding.
    I can get a mirroir gold cosmetic case or this keychain
    that i would like to hang on my bag , but i am really unsure of which one i should get...
  2. definitely the gold miroir cosmetic case!
  3. Definatly! :yes:
  4. The case would be more practical. :flowers:
  5. Miroir case, for sure. Much more practical.
  6. This is no contest IMO. Mioir!!!
  7. I would go for the cosmetic case too. :yes:
  8. I agree!
  9. hahaha i see , i have a winner. thank you everyone i really appreciate it. hopefully tomorrow the case will be mine!!!:smile:
  10. Gold cosmetic case for sure, it is so amazing IRL!