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  1. Hello all!

    I’ve been a long time reader I’d the forum but this his is my first time posting and I am need of some help with a decision.

    A little background: I used to have a pretty decent LV collection but due to some financial issues at the time I sold off my collection. Now, I am back in a place where I can start rebuilding my collection and have since added the Neverfull GM in monogram and the speedy b30 in DE. I also own a Gucci Disco Soho in the rose beige color.

    I am a stay at home mom of 3 little ones ( 4, 2, and 5mo) and as you can imagine I love being hands free but I feel like my speedy b30 is to heavy and clunky on me when I wear it crossbody (I don’t carry a ton with me and I have a separate bag for my little ones). I love the look of it hand held and on the shoulder but I rarely if ever wear it that way.

    After my long lengthy post my question is should I sell my speedy b30 and get the speedy b25 (same print) or sell my Gucci bag which is a light color and doesn’t hold nearly as much as the speedy b25. Like I said I love the look of the 30 hand held but it’s very rare for that.
  2. I've just purchased a speedy 30 in DE over the b for that exact reason. It seemed too chunky. I'm happy with handheld. I literally said in my reveal post that if I ever for a b in the future it would be the 25.

    I'd sell the 30 and get the 25. The disco is such a cute Bag, and very different. Plus you have the Neverfull for a large bag.

    Good luck deciding.
  3. Agree, I’d keep the Gucci and sell the 30b, then you could get the 25b. I like the 25b because it is smaller, but I have the 30’s in the classic hand held Speedy. I like the Bandouliere version in 25, and classic in 30. Then you’ll have a small, medium, and a large bag. The Disco is cute for date nights and going out without children, so I’d hold onto that one.
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