help deciding which style/color please

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  1. Hi all-
    I got an Emerald city last month and LOVE it. I recently saw some other colors and have decided that I must have the vert d'eau city. I am also interested in anthracite----I have not seen it in person, but it looks gorgeous in pics. I am trying to decide between first/city/twiggy. Any feedback ideas about which style is prettiest in the anthracite color?
    Thanks all!! This board has been an amazing source of information:yes:
  2. I think an anthracite twiggy would be fab!
  3. I'm voting for anthracite city
  4. Anthracite Twiggy, all the way!
  5. I love the anthracite color!! :idea: And right now I'm drawn to the twiggy that gets my vote!
  6. Where are you ordering from?

    Kim at BalNY said they have an anthra twiggy with gorgeous leather! i wasnt even interested in antra, but she mentioned it to me anyway.
  7. Anthra Twiggy sounds awesome! Anthras (and sandstones too) have the best leather this season.
  8. Anthra Twiggy or Twiggy would look good
  9. Anthracite twiggy!
  10. Anthracite all the way! Yeah!

    I personally think City or Work would be the best, but that's because those are my 2 favorite styles:p Judging from everyone's pics, I don't think you can't go wrong with any styles for Antha.
  11. anthracite first all the way :smile:
  12. the twiggy looks fab!!
  13. Anthracite first.
  14. I will vote for city....:smile:
  15. Anthra Twiggy gets my vote! :smile: