Help deciding which Speedy plz -

  1. Hello all -
    I'm new here and loving this place!
    I want to make my *first* LV purchase and need the advice of all of you LV experts:

    I really like the Speedy but I still haven't decided if I want the 25 or the 30.
    Also I haven't decided if I want the Damier or the mono.

    P.S: I'm 5.3 and 117 lbs.

    I'm so excited!!!:yahoo:
  2. mono 30 ! classic first bag.
  3. Damier 30
  4. Mono 25
  5. the 30 is just right for almost anyone. the 25 is kinda small, and you don't want to end up sulking about the missing space.

    if you like to let everyone know that you have an LV, choose monogram canvas.

    if you like to be a bit discreet, go for damier. if it's gonna be a work bag as well, get ebony, but if it's for almost anything else, go for azure.

    just my opinion...

    in my case i would go for a nomade speedy.

    have fun!
  6. If you don't mind some upkeep the Mono.
    But if you don't want to worry about the vachetta Damier!

    If you carry a lot of stuff I'd suggest the 30.. but if you carry only a little.. the 25. ^^;

    I carry about a average load and I think the 30 is perfect~ It gives some extra room so I can always add in a little something extra if I need to carry some extra stuff. :smile:
  7. 30! I have both the Mono and Mini Lin Speedy 30s! And, I'd say Mono.
  8. I never be a fan of size 30. I hate the saggy way of it. Looks ugly to me.

    Anyway, if you would get a size 30, Mini Lin looks the best.
  9. 30 gets my vote.
  10. 30

    I have Mono and Damier. I used to have the Mini Lin.
  11. Hi,

    I have the speedy 25 and I love it, however if I could do it over again I would get the speedy 30 because I find the 25 just that little bit too small.

    I too, was considering the Damier, but purchased the monogram because I love the look of the patina on the oxidising leather.
    The look does really improve with time, whereas the Damier leather stays the same, and dosent achieve this look.

    I now have to purchase a Monogram Speedy 30, because the 25 is too small.

    Anyway, hope that helps.

    Good luck

  12. 30
  13. Damier 30 gets my vote ... less maintenance, not too big not and too small!
  14. Mono or Damier 30!
  15. 30!!!