Help deciding whether to sell my Prada bags

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  1. Hello!

    This is my first time posting so please excuse any errors.

    I currently have 5 Prada double zip handbags, one in each size ranging from mini to large. These items were bought pre-loved in mint condition over a year ago. However, they have been sitting in my closet unused. Some even have tags on them. I realized I never used them because I was worried about something happening to them, which in hindsight is so silly.

    So I had made up my mind to use these bags. However, after hearing all the bad press about how Prada's quality has declined, I'm wondering whether I should sell the bags now while they are still in mint condition and use that money to buy a Chanel classic flap in caviar (more durable for everyday wear) or should I just use the bags and hope that they last more than a few years. Either way, I'm taking a hit when I resell, but I'd rather sell the Pradas if they're going to look worn out after 2 years of use (every other day). Some of the handbags are date stamped 2012. Was that s 'good' production year?

    What do you guys think? I'm so glad this forum exists. My friends think I'm nuts.

  2. I suggest that you keep and use your Prada bags. I have a beautiful double zip with no issues.
    They are lovely bags!
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  3. Thanks, Hermancat! What year was your bag made in? I see a few cracks in the glaze but don't know if that's normal.
  4. I suggest you keep 1 or 2 that you like the most and sell the the rest.The saffiano leather is pretty durable and low maintenance for me, so it might be useful for your daily use.
    And for the other saffianos that you've decided to sell,it can help funding for your dream Chanel caviar.
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  5. Maybe this extends to more than just prada. Do you know if you will have that same fear of using your bags if you bought chanel? Every brand will show wear after daily use, chanel included. I would suggest keeping one prada for day to day use so you can get through your fear of somehow damaging a luxury item. You gotta start somewhere.
  6. This isn't directed at anyone in particular, it's just a pet peeve of mind. I simply don't understand people spending thousands of dollars on handbags, then worry if they get even the tiniest bit scratched or in any way, not shop perfect. We buy handbags to carry our things in, not to put up on a shelf and admire. I've had everything from Travelon $50 crossbody bags up to Hermes Kelly bags costing several thousand dollars and never once thought about not using them. Certainly, I never threw them around, but I used them and if they got a little battle scarred, then so be it. It's rather like the people that buy Hermes scarves and frame them. I believe it was Pierre Dumas that said that Hermes scarves were meant to be worn and to be loved. Same is true of handbags.
  7. @PradaPsycho, I totally agree with that sentiment! It took me a little too long to get there but now I'm there!

    @applecider @anisazmi I'm pretty much set on using the Chanel bags if I get them. The reason I'm thinking of selling the Pradas is because I don't see them as an everyday school/work bag or a 'fun day out' bag.

    Ideally, I'd like to have a structured bag to use for school/work (maybe a large Prada) and a crossbody + a shoulder flap bag for the weekend.

    I was thinking of selling the Pradas to fund the chanels but the quotes I received from Fashionphile for the buyout is so ridiculous that I'll lose a lot of money! Hence I don't know if it's 'worth selling'. On one hand, I like the bags but on the other, they're just not as useful as I'd like. If I can get a decent price for them I'd definitely sell but right now, I'd lose 50%+ of my purchase price. Do you guys think it's worth selling at this point? So either I'd keep them and use them sporadically or sell them, take a big hit financially, but then use the money towards an everyday bag. Thoughts please?! Thank you!
  8. Maybe taking them to a local consignment might get you more money. I've had success with other sites like Tradesy, but I haven't sold anything luxury.
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  9. Maybe I'll try Tradesy. I'm weary of Ebay. Thanks!
  10. I have used my red BN1786 almost every work day for the last 2 years - and it has worn really well. You can only see scuff marks on the bottom 4 corners and that is from me not babying my bag when I put it on the ground. Bags, not even a Chanel Caviar Flap are indestructible.

    I would list all the bags on ebay with the price you paid (with wiggle room to negotiate) and wait for the right buyer. I don't think you would lose too much money considering Prada keeps increasing the prices and for bags in mint condition at a lower price someone will be interested. Of course, sizes and colours will come into play with how popular some bags are compared to others in your collection. I have successfully sold 2 BN1801 with no or minimal loss and they were in mint condition too.

    At the end of the day you have to do what makes you feel happy.
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  11. Thanks for the advice, Starbunny! That's a good way to go about it. :smile:
  12. Please use your bags. Of all my bags, I'll be honest that I've had quality issues with the Pradas but in both instances, the bags were repaired at no expense to me and returned in about six weeks.

  13. That's good to know! I have a broken button on one of mine. I was going to sell it as-is but now I might get it fixed if I'm going to use it myself. Thanks for the encouragement!

    PS: I love your username! Haha!
  14. I believe they'll repair a broken button without issue. Thanks about the username, this bag thing has become quite the obsession and the name sums it all up. BTW where would you sell? I've recently sold through FP and Yoogi's and would like to know what other options there are.
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  15. I sell to Fashionphile or Tradesy. Fashionphile's cut is really high so I'll sell them my slg but try to sell larger items on my own via Tradesy. I use to sell on EBay (knock on wood no problem so far) but after reading the horror stories, I'm now too nervous to use that site for any high priced items.