help deciding what to get with my coupon

Sep 30, 2007
From the Bay to LA
I'm hoping you fellow Coachies can help me decide what to get with my coupon. I went to Coach with my bf yesterday and there was just too much that I liked the money is tight right now so I need some help deciding! Oh also, is the Tattersall demi a department store exclusive or are the boutiques going to be carrying it as well? Most of the items that I like I would have to get a little something else to go along with it so I reach the $150 limit. Here is what I am trying to decide between:

this one I would get in the turquoise not the green

Jan 2, 2008
I like the turnlock wristlets IMO... I like the all leather patent one or else the siggy turquoise one... those are both great choices! :tup:


Apr 3, 2008
I like the turnlock wristlets in both the patent leather and sig. :yes: I saw leather ones at the Coach store I went to on Friday too...