Help deciding summer classic flap! White or beige?

Summer Handbag colour?

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May 3, 2020
Hello ladies
I have always wanted a light coloured summer handbag, especially in white.

I then started leaning towards the beige as it's a classic Chanel colour and also the colour would stand out more against white jeans, and cream colored outfits. Whereas the white would blend in, plus I don't to wear beige outfits.

However I have been looking online on preloved market and seems to be a lot of discoloration on the beige handbag so started getting concerned whether the beige colour is long lasting. I haven't come across a good condition beige where the back or the bottom hasn't darkened. So started thinking that perhaps white is longer lasting. However I wear black a lot as well, so beige would go well. Anyone have had the beige for +2 years and colour has stand up well?

I love both bags equally (getting both is not an option). I would want to use during day and evening. Planning to buy brand new, but keep forever so long term condition / coloring is important.

Beige and gold hardware combination is so luxious
So is the White and silver combination

I don't have a gold hardware bag so would love to add one, but as I am a silver jewellery wearer perhaps white with silver is better. I'm really torn!! What would you choose?


Feb 4, 2010
White!! I was torn between the two as well but decided the white was a bit more fresh looking. Plus, not a lot of people have white flaps! Both are beautiful though.
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Nov 30, 2019
I'm also thinking about getting flap in some light colour and have a similar dilemma. I'm leaning towards beige but with silver hw as all my jewellery is silver/white gold/platinum. White flap is amazing but I guess I'm too afraid of it LOL