Help deciding please

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  1. 1) neverfull mm mono love my nfs
    2) Georges mm ..not sure about the stripes
    3) dauphine mm. Didn’t really want to spend that much on a bag I’m not sure will last the test of time.
    4) I also considered the loafers in mono in addition to the neverfull but never bought shoes before from lv

    I just sold my Chanel Coco handle in black size was the small. Not mini. Loved the size of the bag but I don’t think Chanel is for me. I am very casual dresser and I loved the bag but only looked at it. So now I have some money to spend. Looking for casual daily run around bag. Oh. And I’m 55 so no young egg shape bags for me.

    I have DE neverfull mm
    mono neverfull gm
    Speedy b 30 mono
    Croisette DE
    Toiletry pouch 26
    Thanks for reading and your help
  2. You already have 2 neverfulls, so I would pass on that as your next bag and get something different. I am not a fan of the Georges because of the stripe as well. Wish it didn't have that.

    I own the Dauphine mini and I am in LOVEEEEE with it. It is very classy. The MM size will hold a ton (because my mini holds a lot!). It has very classic styling, and looks very rich for a canvas bag because of all of the leather. It is elegant. It is my most complimented bag and it is premium price because it is constructed beautifully. I love the adjustable strap to be worn on the shoulder or crossbody.

    Yes, I am biased, but I love a quality bag.
  3. I think the Georges MM would be a nice addition to your current collection. I own it, and love the stripes.....they remind me of the Mon Monogram striping, but with the additional texture of the velvet. I do think the velvet striping makes it more of a fall/winter bag, so that's something to consider. The Georges has a nice shoulder strap, and it's super easy to use and holds quite a bit. I also like that it's a fun twist on a more traditional handbag shape. I did spray the stripes with Collonil Carbon Pro, just to add some extra protection, and the bag is holding up great so far (I've had it about a year). Good luck making your decision! :smile:
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  4. Since you have two NF
    I would get the third NF to complete the trifecta since you seem to like the tote style bag.
    I would get the Dauphine for a shoulder bag/crossbody bag
    I do not like the Velvety striped or the style of the other bag at all.
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  5. I would get the Georges but in empreinte. I also don’t like the stripes bit love the bag in empreinte.
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  6. I am in your same age boat, I have the Georges MM in mono with stripes and every single time I wear it I get compliments. It is practical to get in and out, not too heavy at all, looks great carried by hand and the strap is also comfortable and versatile as sometimes I use it with some other bags. Also I use my other red/mono bandouliere strap with the Georges when I want a different fun look. If you are a tad careful regarding the velvet stripes, it's a great looking bag, beside I trust LV customer service if any problem will arise. I have been pondering the Dauphine, but I don't see pulling the trigger yet.
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