Help Deciding on Wallet Please

  1. I'm hoping for some suggestions/help in making a decision.
    I'm a LV newbie - formerly a COACH addict.
    I just purchased a Monogram Riveting Bag. :love:
    I want to purchase a matching wallet. I love the items from the groom collection so thought I'd go with a groom wallet to best use my limited funds.
    I have had many of the Coach accordian zip wallets (which I think are very similiar to the zippy wallet).
    So I'm torn between the groom pochette wallet or the groom zippy organizer. :s I don't carry a checkbook or a bunch of credit cards. I carry a debit card and one credit card only along with basic id etc. I prefer something with my bills straight and simply. I'd love to hear feedback on which style everyone prefers along with preference of the red vs. green. I don't care for the shade of blue inside the zipped compact wallet (at least from web photos it seems a bit loud).
    Thanks so much in advance for your help!! :yes:
  2. I like the Groom Zippy Organizer.... I dunno why, but it's cuter to me, IMHO.

    I also suggest getting a Porte Tresor International... it's perfect for tyour everyday needs!
  3. between the zippy and zippy organizer, I think you're better off with the zippy...the zippy organizer I heard is BIIG!...but I don't think either is what you need. From the sounds of it you don't really need a big wallet. Why not go for a french purse? your bills are kinda straight and 4 or 8 cc slots with lots of room for change. Or koala wallet it has 9 CC slots and ID holder.

    I like the groom pochette wallet (red) also, but that has 10 cc slots, 2 otther big slots, one bill slot and coin...might be too big also.
  4. Good luck finding that Groom Zippy Organizer. I'm glad I found one because I love the green leather interior, more so than the outside print. But go in and look at the Mono/Damier one. Just my 2 cents but it is too big just to put maybe 2 cards, ID, a few bills. I'd check out the Zippy Wallet (comes in Damier, Mono, Azur, Vernis, Epi...) or the Zippy Purse which is even smaller but still has the zip around it (Mono only i think).
  5. With what you normally carry I would go with pochette wallet. The zippy organizer may be too big. Have you looked at either of them? Maybe you can decide which one suits you more after seeing them.
  6. From the sounds of it you are like me, so I think that both may be too big for you. I'd go with a french purse or the koala, but I find the koala too square and would opt for the french purse. Or even teh compact wallet. I like ludlow, french purse, and then koala.
  7. I use my Pomme Pochette Wallet with my riveting.
  8. i am huge fan of the PTI wallet in all the LV lines.
  9. Between those two, I'd get the Groom Pochette Wallet. May I suggest the Monogram French Wallet? It's beautiful and LV just decreased the price by around $90.
  10. I have BEEN wanting the Groom Zippy Organizer! I think it's the cutest thing ever, but I don't want to go overboard b/c I have a few other Groom acc. I think you should go for it!!
  11. zippy organizer.