HELP deciding on my FIRST RM ?

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  1. I love gorgeous leather bags! I have been obsessed with Balenciaga bags (though I don't own any!) however, after seeing Rebecca Minkoff's bags, I just can't help but love them, too!

    I'm having a problem with deciding and tracking down bags... so, I thought I could benefit from the help of those who are experienced with RM bags!

    Which style? There are so many cute ones out there, but I'd like to go with any of the three:
    1. Morning After Mini
    2. Nikki
    3. Mini Nikki
    I've always loved the slouchy hobo bag look, but seeing how the morning after bags slouch AND have a little structure makes this a difficult decision! Should I stick with a Nikki style or try something different and choose the Morning After Mini?

    Which color? I've always owned dark bags. Looking at the ones I own, I have a black bag, a sea-foam bag and a dark brown/chocolate bag.
    1. Double Cream - I think it might be the name that makes me like this color, but it's stunning especially with the gold hardware. My only issue with this color is that I am really not all that careful with my bags and I carry them everywhere/everyday! So I don't know if I'd be able to keep this one clean.
    2. Wine - This color is again, really gorgeous. I just don't know if it would be good to carry around this color bag all-year. Plus, I'm worried about it clashing with my clothes...? I don't know, though, since I don't own this color.
    3. Other - Any other color you think is simply to die for? I am not all that familiar with RM colors.. so if you have another recommendation, I'm all ears!

    Any help is much appreciated! Feel free to share photos or personal stories if it helps.

    I hope that this kind of post is allowed. I've seen some other topics that are of a similar nature, so hopefully this is okay. If it's not, feel free to notify me immediately and I will be sure to delete or edit to the best of my ability!

  2. I think Wine is a staple RM bag to have! and it goes with everything, imo. it's a really really pretty color and you probably won't worry too much about getting denim transfer or stains on it cuz it's a darker opposed to double cream(though some ladies may correct me on this, cuz I don't own a double cream bag...I'm not really familiar with the maintainance of this color) but choose what you think goes with your wardrobe best! because I think it's a waste to get a bag but not be able to carry it out much cuz it clashes with what you normally wear....get a bag you WILL use constantly...cuz then it makes up for the amount you spent on it.

    I think you have to decide if you want a casual looking bag(like the Nikki) or something that can be for dressier events/work(like the MAM). Plus, if you carry a LOT of stuff I think the regular sized nikki can handle a lot more than the MAM.:smile: or you can go with a MAB...
  3. You can't go wrong with a Wine Nikki! I think Wine is one of the absolute must-haves for a RM fan. It's the color that she's best known for. It's also surprisingly versatile and can go with a lot more colors than you would first think.
  4. Thanks you two! I appreciate your feedback.
    I also saw the black and the concord colors. Thoughts on those as well?
  5. WINE!! My one and only RM bag is the Wine MAM. Not too big, not too small, and such a rich, surprisingly neutral color. Even my DAD of all people likes the purse haha.

    If you already a hobo or two, I would say to get the MAM or MAB for variety's sake. I think the MAM is a great everyday purse. BUT, if you don't have any hobos, you MUST get the Wine Nikki. I regret returning mine. :crybaby:
  6. ^Thank you, kmariko.
    I'm leaning to the wine color... but that cream!

    I have one hobo, but it's not a RM.
  7. I saw a Concord MAB in person and it looked so smooshy and yummy. I haven't seen the Nikki version, but the MAB looked really great. I've seen pictures of Concord online and it looks a lot brighter/harsher than in real life. It is actually a relatively neutral purple, and it's distressed. Such good choices! I haven't seen Concord on eBay or eCrater in a while though...

    Looking at the post lalalalove made earlier today made me want a Double Cream RM... sigh. I've been relatively well-behaved when it comes to spending money on RM, but everyone's pictures make it SO HARD!
  8. I'm so glad you asked about Concord. . .It is an AMAZING COLOR!! I have the Concord MAM (with a purple patent bottom) and I LOVE IT! Besides my Wine Nikki (which I agree with everyone on here. . . RM wine is the best) the Concord is in my top 5! The Noir leather is gorgeous as well. It smooshes really nice and the leather has a hint of gold flecking in it. You can't go wrong with Wine, Noir, Concord, Dark Grey, Cloud Grey, and Chocolate. The new Cruise collection has just come out so you will be seeing more pictures of those gorgeous leathers and her Spring line will be out real soon. We're anxiously awaiting the reveal of some new colors . . .Mint, Latte, Cappucino, Pepper, Seaglass, and more.
  9. I totally agree with the ladies all the way. I have a Wine Nikki and while I also have an MAM and MAB, I use my Wine Nikki the most. The color is so rich and deep. It's truly an RM staple. You can't go wrong with it! As far as how much all of them hold, the Nikki and MAB hold a ton (of course), but you'd be surprised how much stuff you can put into the MAM. Just this week I had a huge makeup bag, full wallet, sunglass case, water bottle, cell AND two small circular pieces of Tuperware. I was even able to zip the bag closed.

    BTW: IMO RM is similar to Bal in that there are a ton of gorgeous colors to chose from. I highly recommend that you consider an RM that isn't black - it's more fun that way! Good luck finding your first RM!
  10. ^^Oh yeah, I agree totally. . . get something other than black! You really can't go wrong with any color, IMO.
  11. wine is a verrrry pretty color, and i love the concord, too. that is definitely one i want to get in the future. i love the bags with a patent bottom, it's a fun little detail, and practical too!

    if you're naturally drawn to hobos though, i think you should get a nikki first. that way you know you'll be 100% satisfied! you can always get a mam later on down the line.
  12. ooh, and i forgot seagreen! love that color, too.
  13. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your feedback!

    I think I'm going to go with the Nikki.. or the mini Nikki.
    Either in Wine or in Concord if I can find one. ;)
  14. Go for the full-size Nikki! :tup: Good color choices, too!!!
  15. Check out the Deals & Steals section of the RM Shopping page. TPFers post great deals and the Wine Nikki has been popping up once in awhile. I believe there is also a call out for a SO on the Wine Nikki with old hardware on the Shopping page if you're interested.