Help deciding on men's wallet - what's the best exotic?

  1. Hi there! I bought a beautiful BV wallet about two years ago and it was lost/stolen half a year later. I was so upset because I never lose anything and I am really careful with my things. Anyway I got over it and I decided I would replace it in time.. Well that time has come! But I can't decide on which one to get. I am looking for something for every day, and something really durable/not going to crack (like an LV) etc.. I love the stingray but I am scared it will flake or crack or something. I also like the lizard -- I am very stuck. Even the ostrich is pretty cool. I am also considering the regular calfskin.

    So if you have any experience with any of these can you give me your opinions? I am clueless about exotics but I do love them!:smile:

  2. Are you considering croc? I bought my better half a stone croc fume wallet and it is just gorgeous. It wears beautifully and is very sturdy. He keeps it in his back pocket and has used it every day, I dare say it looks better now than when I bought it 6 months ago!!{"products":{"113993V9023":{"size":"U","color":"1560","category":"/shop-products/Mens/fine-leather-goods/wallets"}}}
  3. I like the feel and quality of the stingray wallets, but no so much the colour options that they have. The colours were a bit pastle-ish and too subtle to show off the stingray skin. But it does seem like a well constructed piece.

    I suggest you check out the croc pieces in store. I have seen and touch them...and i feel they look a lot better in the photographs. There seem to look plasticky in real life. I'm referring to the fume versions from summer 2012 (i think).
  4. My choice would be the ostrich...or if the budget allows the croc...

    just gorgeous..
  5. well croc is pretty durable but not as durable as the stingray
    plus croc is an eye catcher but if someone stole your last one
    I would just go with the regular lambskin
  6. I do love the croc, it's really beautiful! But idk if I can justify the price tag. I am trying to keep it under 1k hahaha... I am kind of leaning towards the stingray but I also love the lizard... Does anyone know if the stingray scales flake over time?
  7. No idea on the flacking-I would think not since people have mentioned that its more durable-

    I'm debating between one of the red lizards and the blue sting ray. I would originally have chosen the croc above all-but deff don't want to spend 1k plus.:p
  8. I have used both regular and croc from
    BV. If you don't like the plastic look, pass the fume process and get a matte finish. Croc will patina over time (becomes shiny) and it will age beautifully. If you put in your back pocket, there may be some color loss on the corners.

    I am rotating this with a regular Leather version. Have no idea how it wears but it seems to be holding up quite well!

    I am not fan of the Singray as it seems very inflexible. Have no idea of whether it will flake or not.

    Good luck!
  9. It sounds like we are in the same boat! Those are the ones I'm deciding between as well. I love the croc but it's just too expensive for a wallet hahaha...
  10. Im not a fan of intrecciato exotics unless the exotic is still easily distinguishable like ostrich or kerrang so I would go for plain matte croc if croc at all (matte does take on a sheen after a while anyway).

    The folding croc is 'only' a bit more expensive than the stingray zipped, just saying :graucho:
  11. Also, gucci makes an ostrich wallet in dark brown and paprika (only available in stores-they will ship it to you though). It's about $640 and has ostrich on the inside instead of a leather lining-here's a link to the paprika from the gucci china site (does not come up on the US):

    I believe the billfold pockets are lined with cloth though (doesn't bother me) and I read that ostrich darkens over time from the oils of your skin (may bother me).
  12. I'm gonna have to check BF's Gucci wallet now I don't think it's lined in cloth, my 3 are not but they don't need to fit in a back pocket (better tell him why I'm going through his wallet first though :biggrin:) if you look at this one let me know the low down please. It's nice the inside is also ostrich.

    Ostrich (across brands) is a bit unstable regards dyes too and colours can fade over time.

    Wallets are not so notorious as bag handles on light colour ostrich. Wallets get an all-over patina which looks natural (unless you eat fried food with your fingers and then pay for it without cleaning your hands :push:smile:. If you go for a mid-to darker tones just natural usage should be fine.
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  14. if you don't like any of the colour or finish options, you can get one done by a bespoke artisan.

    I have been to all the BV outlets, and found very few options that looks good to my eye. Most of them looked like tacky and cheap imo. The white looks nice but the version they had is a zipped version which i don't want. Black and brown looks good, but I'm making an effort to stay away from those 'classic' colours.I reckon sapphire would look good, but they don't have that colour at the moment.

    With the prices of croc wallet nowadays, better get one that you really really like :biggrin:
  15. I don't have any personal experience with Bottega men's wallets but the one that has caught my eye ever since I found out about them is the stingray. I loved the one in the pastelish pink color! :biggrin: