HELP! Deciding on Galliera GM...

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  1. Hello everyone...I need some advice... recently I sold my Galliera PM because I had a baby in March and it wasnt working for me. I would get frustrated trying to tote her and the bag and it became like a 'black hole' to get anything out of. The opening just wasnt big enough. I then purchased a Palermo GM..which is fine but gets a little heavy sometimes. I was thinking about getting a Galliera you think it would be lighter than the Palermo GM and more functional? I figured someone who might already own a Galliera GM could help me make this decision. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I owned both galliera mono gm and azur pm. The gm is VERY light and much easier getting in and out of. It looks big but when you filled it, it's very smushy and looks smaller. Galliera gm is a hobo so it's less structured than the Palermo. Have you try both out at the boutique? I would put some of the stuff that you usually carry on the daily to see which fits you better.
  3. Thanks for the info Jessica1981. I wasnt sure how heavy the Galliera GM was since Ive only owned the PM. Is the opening on the GM where you can open it and get stuff while still on the shoulder? The PM I always had to take off my arm. I dont live close to a LV boutique so usually buy everything via LV online at their website.
  4. How tall are you? Though I am only 5'2" i still find it easier and faster putting the gm on my wrist to get things out of unless you plan to get an entra strap which you can still have on your shoulder.
  5. i am 5'6...i noticed the extra strap that others have purchased on other threads...I might have to get one of those. I was wishing I wouldnt have to do that with the bigger Galliera though.
  6. Welcome! Please do a search for existing threads, also check the Clubhouse. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.