help deciding on color of my next bag - greige v ink

  1. Opinions? I CAN'T decide!!!!!
  2. oohh.. tough choice. I love both colors (I have ink in the City & griege in the Twiggy). They are both great neutrals. The only thing about the Ink is the leather is SS '06 and may not be as nice as the FW '06 greige leather. I'm not sure how picky you are about that but if you go for ink, make sure you are able to choose it IRL or find a good SA who will do it for you.
  3. I'd get greige! I love greige for winter!
  4. Both
  5. Me like Ink but it depends on the leather. How about both??! :rolleyes:
  6. I would love to have a griege bag... esp to mix w/ brown clothes!! I have a Black bbag and I think Ink is too close to it.
  7. The griege is breathtaking. The leather on mine is probably the thickest of all my bags...It's such a great neutral too!
  8. Definitely Greige.. mostly because at this point I think all the Inks left out there are horribly veiny and crinkly thin. Both colors are great but I think the Greige leather sets it apart. But if you were to choose Ink, I would fully support that decision too! :yahoo:
  9. Greigeee!! (refer to avatar!!) :cutesy:
  10. I love Ink I just think it's more unique.
  11. Greige! I lovveee it!
  12. GREIGE!!~!!!:love: like marble but on a bag :love:
  13. Does anyone know if a greige city is waiting around somewhere, looking for a mommy? (I'm checking my NM this weekend)
  14. The greige is very pretty, especially against red!
  15. I prefer the ink and with a bit conditioning even the veiniest leather gets really soft and nicely distressed. Greige isn't one of my favourites and IMO not as versatile as ink.