Help Deciding on a Tote


The Abbey Medium Tote or Jolicoeur Large Tote?

  1. Abbey Medium Tote

  2. Jolicoeur Large Tote

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  1. I want to buy my first Gucci bag..but I'm having a hard time making up my mind.

    I either want the Abbey medium tote bag OR the Jolicoeur Large Tote.

    Any suggestions?
  2. i voted for the abbey medium tote since i like the look of this bag.
  3. I am not going to be much help. But here is what I think. I like the look of the Jolicoeur tote better but I like that the Abby has a zipper. Tough decision. I would probably go with the Abby. What color are you looking at buying?
  4. i would go for the abby.
  5. If I was to get the abbey I'd either get the brown with ivory or the solid black....I like the zipper aspect also.
    But the Jolicoeur is so cute!!!
  6. Really..only three people have opinions on the totes?:confused1:
  7. I like the jolicoeur. but I think the small one is much more cuter than the large one. (but if you need a big bag ...)

    I like the abbey with the white trim too though (but less than the jolicoeur).

    just go with the one you absolutely love :smile:!
  8. go w/ the Jolicouer Gucci tote!Hee-Hee
    I owned the abbey once and it has a funny shape IMO~!The web stripes in red & green make it a really sharp looking bag...if you get one in that color. They also have the cutest charms hanging from the strap of the gold purse and boot! How cute is that??

  9. ^You are so right keykey, what ever was I thinking?! :winkiss:

    Thanks everyone..I've decided on the Jolicouer..I'll post some pics when I get her!!!
  10. Jolicouer!