Help deciding on a Damier Ebone shoulder bag..

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  1. i think i started my original post in the wrong section of LV??

    Help deciding on a nice size Damier Ebone Shoulder Tote, Need another LV in my life

    Hi everyone,

    i need help picking out a nice Damier Shoulder bag. I like East/West bags..

    Funds are limited so I really can't (shouldn't) buy a new bag. So i am on the hunt for a good used Damier Ebone Shoulder bag. Just can't decide on the style. I am researching some older styles.

    Here is some info on my studies -

    Possibilities, Parioli, Chelsea ..
    (i really regret selling my Belem MM. or i wouldn' be doing this hunt. i can't find a Belem right now.. booooo, can you believe they have that bag at the BH Boutique? i thought it was Discontinued)

    I am open to Any other suggestions on similar styles that i am not aware exists???

    Note I eliminated (do not want) the following styles from my hunt list:

    NF, i have seen IRL how the straps come apart, not really into the style.
    Hampstead, Totally & Saleya

    Now the Seleya would be alright but the style seems wider at the top, and i would like the oposite.
  2. I REALLY love my Chelsea. I have one from the centennial collection, so the leather on mine is the vachetta, and the Damier canvas is a little lighter in color, but I find it to be a great go-to bag.

  3. sounds lovely do you have a pic somewhere?

  4. Here she is...It's laying down, but you can get the general idea of what I meant about the coloring. See how it's lighter than the usual Ebene Damier; that's another thing that makes this one stand out in the crowd...

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  5. Sorry to hear about the Belem.

    I like the Chelsea - it's a good sized bag, but not overly big.
    Good luck with your search.
  6. Wow.. i love it with the Vachetta handles., really nice contrast!. , that is probably going to be really hard to find..
  7. I likethe Chelsea too.
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    @mzedith - Yes, I like the fact that if I do see someone with a Chelsea, it's usually a "regular" one
    ; one with darker leather and a darker pattern. I had someone question the authenticity of mine once, because it's rare to see one like mine. :graucho: You might be able to catch one on eBay...I sometimes see people selling off Centennial pieces; these have a special number on them because a limited number of them were produced. GL!!!
  9. Would you consider another Belem MM - I've seen them back on

    I have one and love it. Your post made me decide to wear it tomorrow!
  10. i am leaning toward the Belem. i really liked the straps. they were different. coated, instead of all dark brown leather. and stiff. and it zipped open completely.
  11. Trevi
  12. Trevi! Such a gorgeous bag...
  13. If you could swing a Trevi, I would go for that bag in a heartbeat! Next I would go for the Belem, it really is a gorgeous bag! I like the pictures of the Chelsea, but I haven't seen it IRL so I can't really comment on that one. Good luck with your search!