Help deciding on a cross body bag

  1. I've been debating about which bag to get that I can across my body. I have a swing pack like this one:
    but it's a tad too small. Everything I want to put in it fits, but it's really stuffed. I basically want to put my wristlet and sunglass case in it (I have a huge sunglass case).

    I've been looking at the Taffy
    Though, now I'm thinking it might be a tad too small.

    I've also been contemplating the Holiday Patchwork Swing Pack
    because it's a half an inch bigger than the one I have. :smile: Also, after the holidays are over can you still carry a Holiday Patchwork around? I LOVE the colors on it though.

    Or should I just get a small duffle?

    What do you all think! Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. i would go for the duffle. it's roomy without being bulky, you know?
    i'm not personally a fan of the swing packs, though they have their practicality. but i have lots of friends with the duffles and i think i'm getting one this weekend because i love theirs so much!
  3. i have 4 or 5 duffles...i love them...that is my vote :smile:
  4. I like the duffle too, it's the most versitile.
  5. I vote for the duffle, too. It is big enough to accomodate the things you need without stuffing. I also have to recommend the Legacy Hippie bag, though, given that I just bought it!
  6. How much does the Legacy Hippie retail for?
  7. The signature fabric runs $378 and the leather runs $398.
  8. I like the duffle. I own one. :yes:
  9. While I like the duffle, it's not really an across body bag, so I vote for the Holiday Patchwork Swingpack.

    I have the tote and love the colors. They are soooo rich. I think its a perfect bag for the autumn/winter because of the colors, but once Spring hits I would switch to a different color.
  10. I like the duffle but this years has the pocket on the back with contrast stitching around it. I maybe too pickey but wish that pocket had the same color stitching as the leather.
  11. I like the duffle.
  12. i thinkg u shud go with the duffle because you can carry a lot more than the other ones you've considered, and probably longer lasting. although im not fan of the leather.
  13. i love my swing pack

    my advice is to avoid the holiday patchwork

    they look dated very quickly
    ie down the line ppl can tell how old or when it came out. just my 2 cents
  14. what would you be using it for may i ask?
  15. I'd like to carry my things around in a cross body bag when I'm out with my toddler and she's in the stroller. She gets out some times and runs around and I don't like having my wallet and such far away from me just in case.

    Thanks for everyone's suggestions so far! I'm definitely leaning toward the duffle now and I was worried about the Holiday Patchwork looking too dated. I'm just not sure if it's too much of a bag because I will also have my daughter's diaper bag (in the stoller basket, but still around).