Help Deciding on a 2nd Chanel..


Aug 7, 2007
I bought my first Chanel in November and everyone said i'd get bitten by the Chanel Bug.. and i have been fighting it big time.. however i can't seem to wait anymore! :sad:

Whats sad.. is that now i'm also thinking of what to get next based on what i want to get for the 3rd one!!! i'm so in trouble..

So I purchased a black caviar jumbo with silver HW..and now I want something smaller.. don't get me wrong i love this bag that only my dog comes before it.. sometimes my SO.. lol just playing!!

But with that said I do realize that I want something smaller as this one sort of hurts when i go shopping for a long period of time.

I've always loved lambskin more but needed caviar for an everyday bag. Now that i've gotten that out of the way...

I was thinking about the "mini" in black lambskin and gold hw (unless this comes in red???) or just getting the dark silver WOC (sorry don't know the actual name or if its still in stores) so i can wear it at nights if i go out or just running errands.

Is there such thing as a "small" a size down from the medium/large, but a size up from the mini? if so what is the prices difference of the mini and small? I already know prices of the WOC and Mini.

OOoooor I can just wait till my bday in march and get the medium/large size.. but the problem with this is that I won't get it in black again just cause I already have the jumbo in black. And if i go this route i'm going to have even more issues trying to figure out a color lol.

What to do what to do? I still might end up getting the mini and some costume jewelry cept that my SO is completly against Chanel Costume jewelry (which i really can't complain since hes not against the bags)..

K i'm done talking now lol.. please help!!! Thanks so much!


Jun 4, 2007
mayb you can consider east west? or the 9 inch classic flap (a size smaller than the popular medium flap) ?
Mini is really too mini to hold even the essentials.


Aug 12, 2007
There is a small. I think it's 9" v 10" for the M/L. And last I checked, it was $2225 v $2350 for the M/L, but that was a while ago, so I would double-check that. It's very cute, but I think I'd rather have a WOC. And a M/L :smile:


Nov 29, 2008
I think I agree. I don't know if the small is really the best choice b/c it really doesn't hold much. I would either do the M/L which is a bit bigger, the e/w or the WOC. I think they are all more functional.