Help Deciding on 2nd LV Purse

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I just dipped my toes into the lovely pond that is Louis Vuitton by purchasing a vintage Noir Epi Petit Noe purse last month for a steal. I find it to be everything I want in a bag, in that it is rather carefree and simple to pair with outifts.

    This leads me to now, prior to purchasing my Petit Noe, I had been looking out for what I wanted for my first classic LV piece. I have been really having a hard time though! I am trying to chose between the Alma PM in DE, Speedy B in 25 or 30- (CANNOT decide this!), or very possible too the Pochette Metis.... :o

    Initially the Alma really caught my eye since I never see them in the wild, plus the shape is just so---classy? . However, I really have never paid attention in the past to what others are wearing..! The Speedy B just seems so carefree, and I like that cross body is a realistic option with it. Seems that Alma gets heavy and sticks out when worn cross body. Material wise, I think the DE is more subtle + sturdy which I personally love- and I know the PM doesn't have that option unless I went with the Emprienete. I do really really like the look of the Pochette Metis, but it's such a hot bag I don't know if it's just a trendy purse, or if it will stand the test of time like the other 2? Thoughts?

    For an idea of body type and style- I am taller than average- 5'11- slim build. I typically wear classic meets bohemian clothing. Working in a fairly corporate environment. I usually have cross body bags in closet, and am open to something different but that also is realistic if any of that makes sense! I did go into LV store and the SA really seemed to point me in the direction of the classic monogram based off my outfit of the time which was neutrals... I did try on the Speedy B in both sizes and really couldn't decide. The SA pointed out that if I was more likely to do cross body the 25 would be better... but that opening is so darn small to me? The Alma BB they had, but I didn't even bother since the size is not right. The Pochette Metis they had and I really liked the look... What are your thoughts on a good piece?

    TIA! Have a great week everyone :smile:
  2. From the two speedys B I would go with the 30 but in DE for carefree. I am 1.70m and the 25 felt small in a way of what I could stuff it with.
    the Alma is also a nice option, I think it would suit your look the most. It is classy but to my mind can fit a boho style, while the PM to me is more for tight clothing. I always imagine the PM in the leather version though, maybe the newer one with the braided strap would look better with your look rather than the standard.
    Overall you know your closet, go with your favorite outfits a couple of times and try the bags again (provided the store is close to you) :smile:
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  3. Of these the Speedy B 30. I use this much more often than my 25s. The 25 in canvas does have a small opening which limits the size of objects you want to use. The 25 In Empreinte has a larger opening so I use that more. Example is the the Empreinte can fit a NF Pochette but not the canvas version. I am only 5’8 and find them too short for crossbody. I love my PM and do not find this trendy. It is not common where I live either. It’s quite a classic shape. I also love Proenza Schouler and a few PS1s that are very similar to the PM in form and function. Good luck!
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  4. Between the speedy B 30 and 25, I would recommend the 30 mostly because of the functionality. The opening of the 25 would drive me crazy. The mono Speedy 30B was my first LV and I wouldn’t change it for anything! So so versatile - top handle, 2 straps to wear as a shoulder bag, 3 for crossbody. The fact that I could fit my iPad in the 30 was another deal-breaker; while a pro for the 25 is that it may look better crossbody. As for the Alma BB, I’m actually considering it for my next LV purchase because I love the look of it in DE, lol. Definitely not as functional as the Speedy though. To choose you should think about why you’re getting this bag, what outfits you’d pair it with, whether you’d need to carry something like an umbrella or an iPad that would require it to be larger, etc. They’re all gorgeous classic bags, just try to figure out on your own what’ll work best for you.
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  5. I love my Alma PM DE. If you get the Alma, get the strap. Then you can wear it crossbody or by the handle over your arm. I’ve carried it to weddings and picnics. It’s my DH favorite BYW, and he volunteered that on his own :smile: When I’m deciding between two bags I view the celebrity pics on here: how they look being carried at the airport and on the red carpet.
  6. Either the Speedy 30 or Alma PM, I have both. And I agree with other poster, if u buy the Alma also purchase the strap. The Alma is a bit heavier but is a tad dressier when you need that look. For your height, the Speedy 30 would be perfect. I’m only 5’4 and the Speedy looks large on me, but I carry it anyway!

  7. I didn't even think about the PM with the braided handle, that could be a nice option! Thanks :smile:
    I think I am leaning towards the 30 or Alma. The PM is beautiful but I have so many cross body bags that are similar in size I don't know if that should be my very next purchase. I see rumblings too that the Alma might be going away in the PM size. Such a tough choice! I like the idea of trying on the bags a few times with my go-to outfits!
  8. The Alma is kind of winning right now in my mind, I just like how the shape is different from what I have in my closet. The speedy would likely be my 3rd purchase possibly. The speedy seems just easier though, and more carefree? I agree with the other poster to visit the store with a favorite outfit or two and try on again... Do you have the Alma in the PM size as well?
  9. It's funny you say that about the PM, I was actually looking around today- and saw someone wearing a Favorite and another person wearing an Artsy but have yet to see a PM in the wild. Maybe they are less common then I thought! And funny about the speedy, you reminded me that when I tried it on it was sitting right on my hip.... which seemed-- high? Tough choice! I don't know if there is a wrong choice between these bags... with your Empreinte has it softened? What color do you have? I LOVE the look of that with the speedy.
  10. I have all 3 (but I purchase the smallest sizes). I don't carry a lot personally. The easiest to get in and out of is the Speedy IMO. My Alma tends to be a little more rigid because it is vernis and small. Canvas not as rigid. The PM has built in compartments, but still fits a ton (just not like the Speedy especially when it comes to a large sunglasses case). The PM has the metal push lock closure so I definitely futz with it more than a bag with a zip top.

    I would definitely consider if you prefer a bag with compartments (the PM), or a bag with just a big open space (Speedy and Alma), and the mechanism for getting in and out of the bag. I just personally find zippers easier (or a flap that just has a magnet closure). All 3 can be worn cross body. I will only buy a bag that has top handles and a cross body strap because I need the versatility and carry all of my bags both ways. I like to grab the handles when I am getting out of the car. All 3 of these bags have this.

    Alma is the dressiest. Can transition day to night because it is more structured, and has a beautiful and elegant shape.

    PM would be second dressiest. I love that you can just tuck it under your arm without a strap and looks sharp. On the compact side, but packs a punch. Dressier in empriente. I find I carry either my Alma vernis or the empriente PM for a night out.

    Speedy is definitely most casual....but I personally find it is the easiest to use for me. Everyone will be different.

    Tough choice on your hands! But a fun one to have. :smile:

    Can't wait to see what you decide.
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  11. I am going to recommend two bags. Speedy 30 for times you need to carry a lot, and Alma BB for crossbody and going out. While the Speedy 25 works better crossbody, I love the Speedy handheld and you could save the crossbody for travel.
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  12. It depends on primary function rather than add-ons, and go from there.

    I tend to use my Alma BB in epi noir (3rd purchase) more than my mono Speedy 25b (1st purchase). Although I am fine with the Speedy 25 opening I normally don’t carry much. I wear more silver than gold so epi noir goes great with everything. Also, it’s been raining every day so I tend to shy away from exposing the vachetta. I am currently looking at the Siena pm, graceful pm, Alma BB and 25b in DE for next purchase...unless the hobo beauburg (sp?) bb comes out in DE.
  13. Thank you for your well thought out response! I really think the Speedy-B 30 in DE and Alma PM are the winners for now. The PM, will definitely be a purchase in the future I think- I just don't know if now is the right time for it, seems so hard to acquire. I really do like the look of the empriente in it! Time will tell, and yes- definitely a good problem to have :biggrin:
  14. Of course!
    Just a little side note....I think the Speedy is more carefree. I think mainly because it is a soft sided and doesn't have the structure of the Alma. The Alma will fit less because it tapers on the top and you don't want to overstuff it because the zipper on top will distort somewhat. I personally find I am more careful with structured bags (that is why I find the Speedy more carefree). Either way, they are both gorgeous, functional classics.
  15. I just went into the LV store again today and tried on the speedy b (DE) and PM in empriente. Wow, i was surprised how much I liked the leather on the PM. I put my name on the wait list for the mono, but was having a hard time deciding the mono/reverse or empriente. Which do you have? The SA, really didn't seem to like the Speedy in general so that I think swayed me over to the PM. Really cannot decide on this bag! I really think I fell hard for the PM today... which has me nervous considering all the talk of the bag being problematic- but idk, I think I'd be willing to roll the dice potentially.
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