Help deciding! (long)

  1. I am so confused. :confused1:

    Bday end of April, choosing and buying BV now. :p

    I have always loved the Ball bag since I saw it in Star's collection a year or so ago. However, when I first tried it on in Chicago, I realized that she is much tinier than I, as it looks bigger on her. :crybaby: At the time, I dismissed it. The large Veneta didn't catch my eye at the time, as I was so enamored by the Ball style I didn't even look at it.

    I have caught glimpses of the Ball here and there on the forum, and I always admired them.

    PHH asked what I wanted for my bday, and I revisited the thought of a BV Ball.

    Tried both the large Veneta and the Ball here in CA. Big mistake. Now I am more confused than ever, as I like them both! I am over the HUGE.HUGE.HUGE bag phase (although I still love, and really only buy bigger bags) that I was in when I first tried the Ball on before, so now it seems like a decent size for me. (I think...)

    I have a Ball in Ebano (a friend's) and a lg. Veneta in black in my possession now. I just got the Veneta delivered from Saks, I was able to take advantage of the GC promo they had last Thursday.

    Theoretically, I would love two bags, a brown and a black. Ebano or Noche is another predicament for me. I want a classic I will have it for a long time.

    I took the first two with a black tank on, but they didn't show up very well. I included them though, as they are closer up vs. the rest with the white on.

    Opinions on how each looks on me? :sweatdrop: TIA! Please be honest!!

    I included a full length, as I am pretty tall at 5'8". I wanted to show how they fit me and my height.

    Here are the Ball pics, Veneta hobo will be in the next posting:
    BVBallP3281076.JPG BVBallP3281088.JPG BVballP3281093.JPG
  2. And now the Veneta pics: (PS....don't mind my outfit...just hanging around the house. Ü)
    BVhoboP3281075.JPG BVhoboP3281086.JPG BVhoboP3281092.JPG
  3. First of all Bjara - you have a slammin' figure! They both look fantastic on you. If I had to choose (and this is a really hard one) - i'd go with the Veneta as it's a teeny bit larger (or at least it "sits" that way on your frame) - and I like the size with your height.
    Honestly though they both look good and the ebano and black are my two favorite BV colors, so I guess i'm not a ton of help!
  4. Seriously Bjara, they both look fab on you! IMO, the Veneta has a slight edge as it’s not entirely as casual as the Ball (plus the bag zips up). And though Nero is a classic colour, Bottega’s Ebano is the ultimate classic brown and it surely brings out the intrecciato (weave) look of the bag.

    So for your first BV – get THE classic bag of Bottega in THE colour - Veneta in Ebano. Good luck and do post pics when you get it.
  5. I love both but would probably go with the Veneta if I had to choose-it looks fabulous on you!:smile:
  6. Yes, you are a huge help! Thank you, thank you! :flowers:

    After I posted the pics...I really looked at them side by side. I think I am leaning towards the Veneta. Maybe I can talk PHH into both the ebano and the black! :p Or I might do some creative financing with my Saks GC! :graucho: They are both beautiful, but if I get only one, I think I may opt for the ebano for my first BV. I don't wear a whole lot of black, mostly neutrals and browns.
  7. That was one of my issues...which is more versatile? Of course the SA's tell you whatever...but I agree with you that the Veneta has the edge as it's dressier, but can also be casual. Not sweats casual, I know, but, IMO, jeans casual.

    I like the Ebano the best too. :heart:

    I'll have to wait until it's my actual bday (4/23) to post the "official" pics.
    It'll be even more exciting for me that way. :yes:

  8. Thank you! :yes: I think I am seeing a majority opinion here! You are all helping me a ton!! :yahoo:
  9. They both look fabulous on you! Although I love the ball bag, looking at your pics, I think the Veneta has a slighter edge. It doesn't overpower your frame and it has a nice slimming effect.
  10. The Veneta positively Drapes on you as though it were made for your frame- and that's from someone who owns and loves her Ebano Ball bag. I would say in your case that the Veneta is made for you- get it first.
  11. I'm no help, since I love the way both look on u!!!
  12. Veneta!!!
  13. Bjara, you and I have the same birthday. Anyway, wanted to tell you that the Veneta looks better on you since you are tall. I'm so jealous cuz' i really want a large veneta but I'm only 5'2 and can't pull off the look as well as you do. my very first bv is a medium veneta and i love it so much. like you, i also like the ball bag but decided to go with the veneta since it's such a bv classic. maybe one day i will get the ball bag. Have a wonderful birthday and can't wait to see your pics.
  14. They both look good on you but I prefer the ball bag as it can sit on its own and has the little compartments which makes it easier to find stuff. IMO the ball doesn't look small on you, it has the right proportions. You won't regret getting either of them.