Help deciding diamonds/no diamonds on Tank Americaine

18K YG Tank Americaine with or w/o diamonds

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Jan 4, 2009
Cali, USA
30th bday comming up! ... I am in looove with the Tank Americaine but cannot decide btw diamonds/no diamonds. Please help me decide putting price aside. I am getting one second hand so it is only a $1000 difference w/diamonds.

Am I crazy not to get it with diamonds for such a small price difference? I kind of like the clean look of yellow gold w/o diamonds. Is the diamond one too much to wear on a daily basis? I looove the upside down diamond on the bezel. Is the no diamond one too plain for black tie events? I want an all around perfect watch day-night. I can use as much help as I can get. Please help me decide!! : )

sorry I am pic posting illiterate
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Apr 7, 2009
The watch with the diamonds, is that an old model?
The watches with diamonds on, on the Cartier website are different. They have don't have two rows of diamonds on each side, they have diamonds all around the face, on all four sides. I like those much better than the double row diamonds.

Both watches are beautiful, but I prefer the white gold models.


Apr 23, 2006
I prefer the one without diamonds. I love diamonds, but for that particular looks better without the diamonds. :smile:


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Feb 11, 2008
Dovunque voglia andare
I prefer the one without diamonds. I love diamonds, but for that particular looks better without the diamonds. :smile:
i agree.

personally, i'm not a fan of yellow gold watches, but that aside, i'm also not a fan of watches with diamonds. i don't know, i like my watches more simple and i love the men's versions. i have bigger wrists, so a small watch like that would look horrible on me.

i wish we could see it on your wrist to really judge.

sorry if i wasn't any help, but maybe it depends on your everyday needs/wants.

imo, wearing a watch with diamonds is not necessarily an everyday/casual watch. or is it? like i said, since i'm not a fan of diamond watches, i guess i don't know for sure.


Apr 10, 2009
I actually like watches with diamonds, but in that particular style I would say no diamonds. I don't like the two rows......maybe if it were just one. I think it would be dressy enough for day/night wear.


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Sep 8, 2007

Looking at the two together,and I do like watches with diamonds,I'd say in this case the plain model takes it...very clean and elegant,it doesn't seem to need the addition of diamonds to make it look any lovelier iyswim?

Good luck with your choice,and post pics when you get it,would love to see your choice!
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Jun 24, 2007
I almost always would say go with the diamonds, but on this watch I really prefer it without diamonds. I think the diamonds make the watch look even more elongated and from the picture, the diamond watch really does look like a dressier watch because of the lines of the watch. I have seen solid gold Tank Francaises with diamonds worn as an everyday watch and some how because its less elongated it looks less dressy. I love my bling but I personally would only wear the one with diamonds if I was dressed up, not for everyday.
Mar 8, 2009
Both are very nice but for that model the no-diamond one looks much cleaner and I think it would look just fine for dressy/or casual, and don't get me wrong I luv diamonds on watches (DH just gave me the Franck Muller with single row diamonds) but the two row is a lil' too much for me... My watch has the one row going all the way around & it looks kinda like micro-pave set so its very delicate imo, so maybe if the Tank was one row I would prefer that one :thinking:...


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Feb 24, 2009
So funny, this is going to be unanimous because I totally agree - I love diamonds but on this watch (maybe b/c yellow gold already seems very dressy to me?) I prefer the no-diamonds look! I think it's very dressy! And with the money you save you could get a little diamond tennis bracelet or something to wear with it... :smile:


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Aug 2, 2006
I have this watch, but with a black leather band and gold buckle. I may have a medium size, I can't remember. It really looks different with the gold band... I prefer without diamonds.


May 17, 2006
if it is between the exact pictures models than the plain gold one BUT if the diamond one is the model with diamonds all around the bezel then the diamond model.